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Friendly Homeless Dog Gets Rescued

by Fred

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This is Maya.  She grew up on the streets as far as anyone knows, but was one of the friendliest dogs Howl of a Dog Rescue has ever come across.  She’s now in foster care, and is seeking a loving forever home.  Could she be the right dog for you?

9.22.15 - Maya1

When Howl of a Dog found Maya, she had taken to hanging out in a rest stop near a busy road.  Homeless dogs will sometimes go to these places, because they know someone may toss them some food occasionally.  According to rescuers, she was a very submissive dog.

9.22.15 - Maya2

Once rescued, Maya was brought to a foster home.  Someone is looking very happy to no longer be a street dog!

9.22.15 - Maya3

9.22.15 - Maya4

9.22.15 - Maya5

Maya wasn’t the only dog in foster care.  She had to share space with dogs of all ages, and seems to get along just swimmingly with her foster mates.

9.22.15 - Maya6

Being in foster care is also the first time she was introduced to the concept of toys.  At first, she seemed a tad confused.  She seemed to get the idea down pretty quickly though.

9.22.15 - Maya7

Now, Howl of a Dog and Maya are looking for the perfect forever home and family.  She’s surprisingly good indoors or out, and seems to have no trouble getting along with other dogs and animals.  Could she be the dog you’ve been looking for?

9.22.15 - Maya9


Maya loves to cuddle, and just hang out.  She loves to play, and just like any dog, LOVES when it’s treat time!  For more information on Maya, or any of the other rescues at Howl of a Dog, you can click here for their Facebook page, or click here for their home page.