Fritz Is Perhaps the Worst When it Comes to Catching

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Fritz is a champion, of a sort.  He is the single WORST at playing catch with his human.  He’s so bad at it, his human felt the need to make a video and some photos!


First attempt: The Taco – FAIL!


3.24.15 - tacoFAIL


Second Attempt: Slice of Pizza – FAIL!


3.24.15 - pizzaFail


Third Attempt: The Hotdog – FAIL!


3.24.15 - hotdogFAIL


Fourth Attempt: The Steak – FAIL!


3.24.15 - steakFAIL


Fifth Attempt: The Meatball – FAIL!


3.24.15 - meatballFAIL


Sixth Attempt: The Doughnut-EPIC FAIL!


3.24.15 - doughnutFAIL


Yes, if Fritz is going to win any awards, it most certainly will NOT be for “Food Catch” accuracy.  However, it doesn’t matter, because Fritz is a good boy and a very cute dog, indeed.  Check out the YouTube below!