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From Cold and Hopeless to Forever Love


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Richland Before
Richland Before

Richland had never really thought of himself as a “fuzzy friend” before he was rescued.  And others would not have either, if they saw him back then. His life had never been easy and that day was the worst.

It was getting dark and raining one night last November. Richland was alone, terrified and he found himself running aimlessly through a mall parking lot.

Richland had nowhere to go. His matted hair was soaking wet and he could not even see from one of his eyes.  He was sure that he was done with life.

Unbeknownst to Richland, though, a lady had sighted him and was determined to not allow him to give up on life. His luck changed drastically when he found himself securely in her arms. He was so tired, cold, hungry and sick that when he finally was brave enough to open his eyes, he was in a place called Fuzzy Friends Rescue.

The people there knew exactly what to do. They were gentle, giving Richland food for his growling tummy, a warm bed and medicine to make him feel better for the night. For the first time in his life, Richland did not need to fear.

The next few days were amazing! He was given his name, Richland, after the name of the mall where he was found. He was also taken to the doctor because his eye was in very bad shape. The doc ended up having to remove it, but at least the pain was finally gone!  And his stinky, matted hair was shaved off. It felt so good!

Richland After
Richland After

It was easy to relax and trust people with the abundance of love and attention that Richland was receiving.

Now, Richland even has a great new home with a mom and dad who love him and will never abandon him again.

Richland was one of the lucky ones last year. On that terrible night, he thought it was over for him. Thankfully, Fuzzy Friends Rescue does not think a broken leg, injured eye, heartworms or any other treatable condition should be a death sentence. It is their niche to rehabilitate dogs and cats like Richland.


Fuzzy Friends Rescue is a 501(c)3, non-profit, no-kill animal welfare organization in Waco, Texas. Their mission is to provide shelter, food, medical treatment and love to their community’s animals that are abandoned, unwanted or otherwise in need. They want to instill in the community an awareness of the animals whose world we share and encourage and promote responsible pet ownership. They try to place these animals in new homes with caring families as soon as possible. Some stat at Fuzzy Friends