Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats Recalled

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TBD Brands, LLC of Exeter has announced that they will be issuing a voluntary recall on their Yoghund Frozen Yogurt dog treats.  The FDA recall is only on the Organic Banana & Peanut Butter product.

According to the company-issued statement, the recall was initiated “as these products contain organic peanut butter linked to recent recalls of Sunland, Inc. of Portales, New Mexico, for possible Salmonella contamination.  The recall does not involve our All Natural Banana & Peanut Butter products.  Although there have been no reported incidents of animal illnesses, the company has elected to proactively recall all cup and four-pack best by dates of 9.24.14 or earlier.”

Pets with Salmonella may experience lethargy, fever, decreased appetite, abdominal pain, (bloody) diarrhea and vomiting.  Infected pets not displaying symptoms may be carriers, and can go on to infect other animals or humans.  Pets who have eaten the possibly contaminated product and are displaying symptoms should be taken to their veterinarian.

Consumers are advised to discard the specified products, or return the product (with the receipt) to the store they were purchased from to receive a full refund.  Questions about Yoghund products may be directed to (603)775-7772, ext. 1007.

1 thought on “Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats Recalled”

  1. It’s so easy – really! – to make frozen yogurt treats for your dog, why risk buying something that will end up making your dog sick when so many food processors these days are careless (or in the case of China, deliberate) about their product? Here’s my JRT’s fav summertime frogurt treat, I call it the “Elvis” because the ingredients were the favorite ones of The King: 1/2 small carton organic (preferably locally produced) honey yogurt (or plain organic yogurt sweetened with a tsp of honey), mix with about 2 tablespoons freshly ground organic peanut butter (in your grocer’s bulk food section, you grind it yourself at the point of purchase) and mash up and mix in half an organic banana. Fill the sections of a regular ice cube tray and freeze. This makes a dozen “Elvis” frogurt treats in bite sizes for a medium sized dog. If small dog, use the tiny-cube ice cube tray, it will make about a tray and a half. Super easy and about one third of the price of the pre-prepared stuff.

    Too many foods these days – both human and animal – seem to be contaminated. Know your sources, prepare as much as you can “from scratch” in your own clean kitchen. Then these recall notices won’t be reminding you that you thought you were doing something nice for your heart dog and instead you might accidentally have fed something that in the least instance will cost you a sizable vet bill and at worst – well, you know.


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