Gabe Rocks!

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Training does not have to mean all work and no play. Gabe knows this all too well, and has an exciting, fun array of fun tricks to share.

Follow him through a series of impressive maneuvers, and by the time you reach his adorable rocking horse ride, you’ll realize that the title fits – in more ways than one.

58 thoughts on “Gabe Rocks!”

  1. I thought Miss Dottie does good if she will go find my sister when she is in another part of the house and bark until she comes to me. Great for those times I fall and can’t get up.

    We have some work to do!

  2. Oh my…..and to think I was proud of ours for sitting, lying down, shaking, and taking a bone from my mouth! Onward, pups…there’s more work to do for us, too!! 🙂

  3. Love the rocking horse. And, what is it with bulldogs and skateboards? He’s not the one I’ve seen. I wonder if his lower center or gravity makes it easier. Hmmmm. I think mine would topple off, but then they aren’t always real coordinated anyway!

    • I think the skateboard fetish plays off a sort of warped “prey drive” 🙂 All of my bulldogs have done this with little encouragement from me–and, as you’ve noticed, there are many others out there doing it!

      The rocking horse routine capitalizes on another bulldog fetish…being on top of things. Most of mine have loved climbing or sitting up on top of things and looking down on their “domain” 🙂 This trick is a very unique and difficult one though and takes lots of balance, coordination and talent–and I appreciate people taking notice of it rather than totally focusing on the skateboarding which isn’t all that unusual (definitely a fun trick, but not nearly as difficult or amazing IMO) 🙂


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