Gentile Giant Presley Is Real-Life Scooby Doo

by Fred

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1.10.16 - PresleyFEAT

To see Presley, is to see the definition of the term “gentle giant.”  His human says that despite his enormous size, he is afraid of everything.  Presley’s fear of everything, and his expressive face make for some truly funny and adorable photos.

1.10.16 - Presley1

“Presley is definitely a real-life Scooby Doo,” said his human, Sian Barrett.  “He is afraid of everything.  He is always getting scared off by smaller dogs and I’ve had to start hiding the plastic bags from him because he’s afraid.”

1.10.16 - Presley2

And it’s not just those pesky plastic bags that scare poor Presley.  His concept of size seems to be a bit off, as the smaller the dog he comes across, the more terrifying he finds them.  Barrett tells a story of them coming across a West Highland Terrier, not at all what most would see as a “large breed.”

1.10.16 - Presley3

“There was a time recently that I was walking Presley in the park and he got scared off by a West Highland Terrier, which is tiny compared to him.  Presley wouldn’t come back out until the other dog had gone and he knew he was safe.  His temper doesn’t match his size at all – he’s 38 inches at the shoulder, but scared of anything,” said Barrett.

1.10.16 - Presley4

What about you, dear readers?  Do you have a gentle giant at home that has no clue just how big they really are?  Do they imagine themselves lap dogs, or take up an entire bed but still expect you to cuddle in?  Share your pictures and stories with us at, or at our Facebook page!

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