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German Shepherd Brings Her Pups to Safety After House Fire Breaks Out


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Onlookers Watched in Awe As Amanda Placed Her Pups In a Safe Haven

Viewers are gushing over the care a German Shepherd had for her young pups. After a house fire broke out in Chile, it was reported that the German Shephard, Amanda, saved her puppies from the burning building.

The pictures show Amanda gripping the pups in her mouth as she placed the gently into the safety of one of the fire trucks.
One news story reported that Amanda saw the house fire and then¬†“picked the pups up in her mouth and moved them from the burning house to the safety of the nearby fire truck. She then gently placed the pups on the steps of the fire-truck as firefighters fought the blaze.”
Whether or not Amanda actually saved the pups from the burning house is unclear, as one Chilean firefighter claims that it was the firefighters who rescued Amanda and her pups.
Amanda Cares For Her Pups Following the House Fire that Broke Out

Following the fire, Amanda and her pups were taken to a veterinarian. Unfortunately, one of the young puppies suffered severe burns and passed away. The rest of the puppies, including Amanda, are all in good condition.

The photographs of Amanda mothering her pups have gone viral across the web.

While the debate about whether Amanda actually saved the pups from the home rages on, viewers continue to be in awe at the mother’s love and care depicted in the photos.