6 thoughts on “Super Dog!”

  1. He is beautiful, talented and athletic but I hope they keep a close eye on his injuries because something tells me he gets a lot of boo boos.

  2. Well I wish Americans would do this with their dogs instead of dog fighting. This dog looks so happy and healthy. Great video.

  3. I think his ears tell a different initial story – they are cropped really, really close which is usually what is done with the puppies bred for and intended to be for fighting. Think how much more beautiful this gorgeous athletic dog would have been with natural ears!

    Great videography.

    I wonder how they taught him the sideways banking off of obstacles?

    If this was filmed in Ukraine look at some of the obstacles that were once intact buildings. Silent testimony to what took place there, and not that long ago, either. And note where the grass and other vegetation are growing back over some of the “scars” in the landscape. Intriguing country, not friendly to westerners!


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