German Shepherd Dragged Behind Her Owner’s Scooter Is Adopted by a Dog-Rescuing Priest

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We didn’t share it here, but you may have seen the viral video of the German shepherd mix being dragged behind a man’s motorized wheelchair.  He was arrested and the dog was seized, and now this girl has found a home with a “cowboy priest” who now has 10 dogs that were once abandoned or abused.

Melissa Torrez saw and recorded her Texas neighbor, Mario Cardona, dragging poor G2 behind him.  She told him to stop, and he basically said that it was his dog and he would do what he wants with her.  She called the police, and hours later they arrived at his home and arrested Cardona on an animal cruelty charge.



“I was really upset,” Torrez said.  “A lot of people told me I should have cut the dog’s leash, I should have [taken] the dog, pushed him off his wheelchair…. I wanted to do all those things, but I have to think with my mind, and not my emotions.

Mission Animal Control took G2 into their care and determined that despite her treatment, she was in good health.  And now she has been rehomed with a man who is known for taking in abused an abandoned animals – a modern day Saint Francis.



Reverend Roy Snipes of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Mission has renamed her Ceniza, Spanish for “ash” in honor of Ash Wednesday.  He calls himself a “cowboy priest,” and currently has about nine other dogs.

“It’s hard to tell you ’cause I can’t get them to sit still long enough to get a good head count,” he joked with KGBT.



Ceniza’s former owner is actually a member of Snipes’ congregation.  Snipes calls him a “roughneck,” but says he doesn’t believe Cardona truly meant to hurt his dog.  At any rate, Ceniza is now in good company with fellow rescue dogs, who often accompany the Reverend to church.



“I’m sure this Sunday everybody is going to want to see her,” Snipes said. “So if she’s calmed down enough I’ll bring her into mass with me.”


5 thoughts on “German Shepherd Dragged Behind Her Owner’s Scooter Is Adopted by a Dog-Rescuing Priest”

  1. I am happy for this dog she found a new home with this priest know. This men should pray to God because of what he did to this dog if he was a member of this church it’s not working thru him what god wants people to do in this world. People think because they go to church and praise the Lord that this will safe them how wrong are them right. This men don’t have a heart and he knows that is wrong why he did it. There is no reason at all to do what he did. Put him in jail so he could learn a lesson too.

  2. Father Roy will take good care of him. This l know for a fact,because l belonged to that Church for about 20yrs and i know how he treats his dogs. I like many other perishaners brought treats to Mass for all his animals. The dogs wear the same color vestments as Father Roy. He is a good man and i really miss him and his sermons are so interesting. Could listen to them all day long. Keep up the good work Father Roy. I am sure GOD will have a special place for you in Heaven.


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