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Woman Creates “Dating Profile” for Dog Battling Cancer So People Will Fall in Love With Him

by Melanie

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3.3.17 Fundraiser for SoupSoup7


When Meghan Antol of North Carolina learned that her best friend – her dog SoupSoup – had cancer, she was devastated.  She saved him once after he had been a street dog baking in the New Mexico sun, but she’s running out of money to save his life.  So she created a “profile” for him to tell his story to the world, hoping that once people got to know him, they’d want to save him, too…

Here is SoupSoup’s profile that was posted on his fundraiser:

My Cancer Story: A few weeks ago, I’d been acting really tired and sleepy a lot and my human thought it was just because I’m getting older. Well, one day I got the shakes really badly and was panting in pain so my human rushed me to the specialty vet hospital in Durham. I went there multiple times the next few days until someone kept me in inpatient after pain shots and pain pills. The dreaded C word cropped up after seeing an internal medicine vet, lots of unfun tests, and seeing an oncology vet. My spleen was abnormally large and my white blood cell count was low. Lots of poking and prodding.  🙁  I’ve always had strange blood work, but it was scary when people started talking about cancer. They’re not positive, but really think I have it. I started chemo, but became really weak after my first treatment and the vet is waiting for my blood work to improve. Unfortunately, I’ve been having a lot of pain and been having trouble digesting food, so I’ve been in and out of the vet hospital a lot lately while they try to figure out what’s happening. The vet bills are already around $5,000+ and hospitalization and chemo could be another $6,000 or more.

My human wants to do what’s best for me to ensure I can still have a good quality of life without being in pain. Lots of vet bills have been stressing my human along with many sleepless nights. I wish I could work a job right now, but I’m a dog and Hollywood hasn’t discovered me yet. So I’m hoping that those who love me and are able can spare a few bones for my human.  Prayers and well wishes are greatly appreciated, too. I just want to get back on the trails with my human so I can feel like my normal, happy and goofy self. Please help me be able to enjoy the company of my best friend a little longer.


3.3.17 Fundraiser for SoupSoup6




  • Sex:  Male
  • Height:  3’0
  • Language:  Barkese, some English, Food.
  • Likes pets:  No, I enjoy being a single child.
  • Interested in:  Cuddles with my mom, barking at squirrels, hiking trails, living life to the fullest.
  • Relationship status:  Proudly owned by my human.
  • Looking for:  Friendly dogs (that have their own homes), squirrels (arch nemesis), cats (for eating only), and humans to love on.


My self-summary:
 Hi, I’m 11 years old and my name’s SoupSoup. You can call me Soup for short, or Soupers, Soup the great, King Soup…Okay, so my name’s unique, but my human didn’t name me. It must have been someone who loves all sorts of Soup. Campbell’s, Progresso, Ramen noodles… mmm food.  I prefer meaty bites or just plain old steak or chicken or steak or meaty bites or chicken. Ok right, back on topic.  I’m as comforting as a bowl of grandma’s homemade chicken noodle soup. I’m very loving, goofy, and playful;   I make my human’s house a home. You’ve never met a dog quite like me, I’ve got the personality of 10 dogs and am the silliest, loudest goofball ever. I’m also a protector – back off Terminator, I got this! I love hiking and seeing the sights.

I was born in New Mexico under the hot desert sun and was a street dog living my life on the run. Fast forward to the best day of my life – my human rescued me one day when she came to her neighbor’s garage sale. I know what you’re thinking… who sells a handsome, adorable, and rambunctious bundle of love at a garage sale?? I mean Christie’s Auction House or Sotheby’s maybe, but anywho she saw my mugshot plastered all over the garage and fell in love.  The rest is history as they say. It really was love at first bark.


3.3.17 Fundraiser for SoupSoup3
I’m really good at:  being expressive (I give side-eye, groan when I’m unhappy, sigh when I’m bored), snoring like old man winter, doing a goofy dance, biting ankles (hey, I’m a herder – what can I say?), getting really excited at the prospect of food.

The first things people usually notice about me:  My fun personality (I’m usually heard before I’m seen), my cute face, my freckles, my double dew-claws, did I mention handsome? I’m a very handsome herder.

Favorite foods: All things meat – beef, turkey, pork, chicken – peanut butter, treats, the occasional bite of human food.

The six things I could never do without:

  1. Meghan.
  2. Food – yum yum… I think about it all of the time.
  3. Squirrels and cats…they’re like Pokemon and I want to catch ’em all.
  4. Naps – nothing like curling up in my cozy beds/couch and dreaming about catching squirrels.
  5. Home – I get really anxious when I’m not at home with my human.
  6. Tummy rubs – enough said.

I spend a lot of time thinking about: my human – where is she? What time will she be home? Must ration water in case of cat apocalypse. What time is dinner?  What’s for dinner?  Can I have a treat? Ooooh, can I have two treats? When can we go for a walk? Is that a cat? It’s a squirrel! Perimeter is breached!  Oh, when’s my human coming home again? I’m hungry! Must ration water. Aha nice sun spot, let me take a snooze and my human will be back in no time.


3.3.17 Fundraiser for SoupSoup5


On a typical Friday night I am: Sleeping, being loud and goofy by squeaking my football when my human is watching tv, begging for treats, chatting with my buddies on dogtube… shh, don’t tell my human I scratched her computer with my claws. I saved the best for last – eating. I can’t get enough food.

The most private thing I’m willing to admit: I’m always naked, and much to Meghan’s chagrin, I often bathe myself in front of strangers.
A quick message about my sponsor aka my human: We’ve been best buddies since 2009 and she has become my whole world since. She’s mine and I know I’m always safe in her arms, but no hugs please.  Meghan graduated from Duke University in 2008 and moved to New Mexico to take part in the Teach for America program. There she taught kindergarten students.  After three years she decided it was time to go back to her home – Durham, NC.  I mean Chubby’s Tacos, Cookout’s milkshakes, Mad Hatter’s black and white cake, and Elmo’s Greek grilled cheese just called her name until she couldn’t ignore the call.  She’s taught in the Durham public schools district for six years and now is supporting teachers and gifted students at an East Durham public school. When not spending time with me she does mentoring through Big Brothers Big Sisters and also volunteers for local non-profit organizations.  She is very passionate about helping educate our future and loves to hike, read, dance ballet, and travel.


If you would like to help SoupSoup stay alive, please CLICK HERE to donate to his fundraiser.  Even if you can’t spare much, every dollar helps.


3.3.17 Fundraiser for SoupSoup4