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German shepherd “Lifeguard” Saves Child from Drowning

by Katherine

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Sasha, a German shepherd, went from house pet, to lifeguard, to hero, when she jumped into a pool to save the life of Milena, a 4-year-old Argentinean child.

According to La Nación de Argentina, the event happened on July 28, 2013, in Cañada de Gómez, Argentina.

Milena and "lifeguard" dog Sasha
Milena and “lifeguard” dog Sasha

Valeria, Milena’s mother, told reporters the child somehow left the home without anyone noticing. Minutes later both parents started looking for her inside the house and when she was not found they got worried.

“When [Milena’s father] went out to look for her, Sasha tried grabbing his attention,” said Valeria. “Sasha barked, whined and cried, but when he didn’t pay attention to her [the dog], Sasha took off. She crossed the street faster than lighting, went inside a house, and jumped into the pool.”

Milena’s father realized the dog was trying to tell him something and followed Sasha.

“He jumped into the pool where Milena was floating thanks to Sasha. The dog was trying to hold the child up,” Valeria said.

Milena is alive today thanks to the house-pet turned lifeguard. When found, the child was semi-conscious, required CPR for revival, and was later taken to a nearby hospital.

“This pool was going to be the last place in the world we would have looked for Milena,” said Valeria. “My daughter has never been to that house and if it wasn’t for Sasha, the ending to this story would have been different.”