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German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County Needs Your Help Finding Forever Homes Before It’s Too Late

by Fred

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7.6.15 - German Shepherds

Along with bringing you the latest in dog news from around the world, Life With Dogs also likes to do what it can to help dogs in need.  There are many dogs out there just waiting for a forever family to come and take them home, and wouldn’t it be great if you found your new best friend here with us?!  So, we’re planning on bringing you an adoptable dog, every day!

Today, we have part one of a multi-part series, aimed at helping getting some German shepherds adopted.  The dogs featured in this article, and the ones in the articles that follow are all at the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County in California.  All of the dogs are rescues, and many come from very rough backgrounds, and need just a little extra love and patience.  And who knows, if you decide to be a hero for one or more of these beautiful dogs, you may wind up with a diamond in the rough so to speak, and the experience will change your life forever.  There’s few things in life as rewarding as rescuing a dog in need.

Here are the first few dogs in this series.  We have a photo of each one, and a description written by the shelter staff.

Week after week, GSROC gets emails, calls and texts from all over the country, begging us to rescue ‘just one more’ beautiful German Shepherd from a life-threatening situation.  As one of California’s most respected rescue groups for one of America’s favorite dog breeds, we are proud to provide a safe haven for more than 400 shepherds every year.
The challenge is daunting, the work emotionally draining, and yet the need never seems to diminish despite our efforts.  Our volunteers have the vision, drive and talent, but without adequate resources, we are helpless to intervene on behalf of the dogs that need us.
This is where you come in!
We are in desperate need of forever homes, foster homes and financial reserves in order to continue our mission of mercy.  Your commitment of time or funds makes it possible for us to provide life-saving support and ongoing care to the dogs that are already patiently awaiting adoption.  Not every dog that we rescue is handsome or well trained.  Some come with health issues, either congenital or developed over time, and some bear the physical and emotional scars of prior abuse.  But every dog that we rescue shares the same dream:  To find love and stability with an understanding family, and to never experience loneliness again.
Here are some of our long-term resident dogs who have been anxiously waiting and hoping that their special family will discover them soon.  Perhaps you have room in your heart to adopt or sponsor one of them?
7.6.15 - Louise
LOUISE is a positively ravishing black and red shepherd, approximately 3-4 years young.  She has a beautiful gait and a petite frame.  She is loyal and loves to be with people.  Louise has a congenital condition known as pannus, which means that her vision is diminished.  She can see shapes and movement, but she cannot detect smaller details. Daily eye drops can keep her eyesight from deteriorating further, and Louise must avoid direct sunlight by wearing doggles when outside.  Louise wants to be your only companion animal as she has a high prey drive.  She has been with GSROC for 2 years -still waiting for her special person.
7.6.15 - Lindsay
LINDSAY collected frequent flyer miles when she came to California from Hong Kong in search of a better life.  Lindsay was fortunate and found a home with a nice family, however divorce divided the family and Lindsay was returned to our rescue after 5 years in her home.  At age 7, Lindsay is an elegant and aristocratic senior, but she still has plenty of spirit and energy.  Her ideal home would be with someone who has no other animals as she insists on all the attention for herself.  Lindsay has been waiting for over 18 months for a foster home or forever home of her own.
7.6.15 - Chopper
CHOPPER was abandoned in a cement back yard when his family moved away and didn’t take him.  After days of seeing him alone, neighbors intervened to save Chopper from his lonely prison.  At age 7 years old, Chopper had never been properly socialized with other dogs, so he insists on being your only animal companion.  His ideal home would be adults only, as he doesn’t know his own strength.  If you are looking for a macho guy with a protective nature, please consider Chopper.  It’s time for him to learn how beautiful life can be when someone special takes the time to care.  Chopper has been awaiting adoption for 2 years.
7.6.15 - Remington
REMINGTON came to us as a small puppy with a crushed leg.  The family that surrendered him did not have the funds to treat his injuries, so we took him under our wing.  Remington’s leg could not be saved, but he is a happy-go-lucky teenaged tripod.  He was placed in a home as a young puppy, but unfortunately, he did not receive proper training and was returned to GSROC when he became too large for the adopters to manage.  Remington loves to play wrestle with dog buddies of his size and over.  He can play a little rough for smaller dogs, so we don’t recommend him for a home with small dogs or cats.  He is only 2 years old and he has his whole life ahead of him!  He needs an experienced shepherd person as he is overprotective of loved ones. He would make a wonderful companion for a single person who is looking for a protective yet playful dog with a beguiling doggie smile.