German Shepherd Sacrifices Self to Save Kids from Gunman

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A heroic German shepherd in Atlanta gave his life when he jumped in front of his family’s kids to protect them from a gunman’s bullets.  Noah even chased after the man before succumbing to his injuries.

“They were fired upon and their family was terrorized,” Atlanta police Sgt.Gregory Lyon told WXIA.  “They survived that only to find that their pet is now gone. It’s sad for the whole family, especially the day after Thanksgiving.”

Witnesses say the incident began on Friday with road rage, and ended with the shooter following a woman’s SUV into a strip mall parking lot.

“About five minutes later, they pulled out a gun and started clapping [shooting],” said an anonymous witness.  “They had hit the back of his car. The dog had jumped in front of the bullet I guess to save one of the children or the wife.”


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“The dog took the bullet for the kids so the kids would be safe,” said another witness.

Noah jumped out of the shattered passenger side window and chased after the gunman’s vehicle.

Surveillance then captured him trotting past the shops, behind which he went to die.

“It’s a really sad story for the whole family,” Lyon continued.  “I’m a big dog lover. It’s just a sucky thing to happen the day after Thanksgiving.”

The woman and children were not struck by the bullets.

“Your heart just goes out to that poor dog,” he said.


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    • Not to enrage anyone, however, was the family white or ? How about the shooter? Due to the lack of publicity on this “shooting” I just wonder how fair this was?

      • I can almost guarantee you that all parties were black just because it’s Atlanta. And it’s frustrating how this article doesn’t give any details. Was the road rage caused by the driver? Did they know each other prior. Regardless, at the end of the day a wonderful animal died because some ghetto thug shot a people.

      • Just saw some of the story on TV last night the family was black. And the husband was in tears during the interview. Good news is a dog breeder gave them a new German shepherd puppy. But I’m sure they wish the could have Noah back


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