Germans Outraged by Government’s Demand of Comatose Boy’s Dog

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11.29.13 - Germans Demand Comatose Boy's Dog1

Outrage is spreading across Germany after the government recently made the decision to enforce breed specific legislation against a Staffordshire terrier named Tascha, who has been a comatose boy’s chief ‘carer’ for the last six years.  Now there are petitions asking for their town’s mayor to let Tascha stay.

The Gerzmehle family’s son Dylan was born in a vegetative state ten years ago, but since Tascha came into his life six years ago, his condition has improved. Every morning she comes into Dylan’s room and gently pulls back his blanket with her teeth. She licks his feet, and then curls up next to his face where she can protect him all day.

Machines that monitor his respiration and heart rate show how both improve when she is next to him. But because of a minor skirmish with another dog, the Gerzmehles are being forced to ship her off or have her surrendered to be destroyed.

Parents Barbara and Eckhard moved from Berlin to the small town of Schonwalde in the state of Brandenburg so Dylan could have more tranquil surroundings. Brandenburg has a dangerous dog breed law that does not allow Staffies. Because Tascha is licensed, spayed, had passed temperament tests and was trained by certified dog trainers, the state looked the other way on her presence.

Recently she was involved in a fight that caused minor damage to a neighbor’s dog. The Erna Graff Animal Welfare Foundation said Tascha wasn’t even the one who started the fight. The Gerzmehles apologized and paid for the other dog’s treatment, anyway.

11.29.13 - Germans Demand Comatose Boy's Dog2

Because of the incident, the state has now demanded that Tascha leave the area or be executed. The EGAWF is on the family’s side, and stated:

“If necessary, we will bring this matter before the Federal Constitutional Court – the highest in Germany.”

Dylan’s doctor has also shown his support for Tascha, saying that she is a therapy dog to the boy, and “strongly advises” against their being separated.

“We could really use the support of the authorities. We must keep Tascha for Dylan’s sake, for every little spark of happiness that she brings to him,” Eckhard said. “Whenever the dog is with him, our son responds. He is happy. His breathing becomes quieter, his heart rate falls. That could only be because of this dog.”

But town mayor Bodo Oehme says there is nothing he can do.

“My hands are tied. The case is clear: the dog bit another. What happens if he was to bite a person, or the child himself?”

But the Gerzmehles will have a meeting with the mayor and other officials next week after a nationwide protests. The mayor’s office now says if it can be proven that Tascha is a therapy dog, they will”try to find a solution to this problem.”

“They have already been around several times trying to take her away to kill her,” Eckhard said. “I will believe it when I see it. But it is a hopeful sign.”

Eckhard Germehle with Dylan.
Eckhard Gerzmehle with Dylan.


There are two petitions that have been started for Tascha, as well as a Facebook page. They are in German, but can be roughly translated using Google, Babylon or another translation site.

The first petition has the option to sign at the bottom of the page. It asks for (in order) first name, last name, state, country and email address, and asks if it is ok for your signature to be publicly shown. There is an English translation of the petition letter.

The second petition, asking for the mayor to pardon Tascha, is roughly translated as follows:

“We demand that a seriously ill 10-year-old boy not have taken from him the only thing he has. Let Dylan have his Tascha, please!

“Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We call the non-seizure of female Tascha. How can you be so heartless to a child in a vegetative state and take his only comfort? Until recently, the Office had not objected to the properly reported and trained dog. You want a child that has nothing at all to have his beloved dog taken away because he has unfortunately bitten another dog? Even the doctor strongly advises against it taking away a seriously ill child’s therapy dog. Dylan’s parents are convinced he misses her. They are desperate because no one could calm their youngest son, and his dog, his friend, is so caring. We appeal to your compassion. You’re all mothers and fathers! Would you want taken the only thing your child has? We’re not talking about a felon here, we’re talking about a seriously ill 10-year-old boy who is in a coma! Please bring Tascha back! Germany says ‘no’ to animal killings.”

The form at the side asks for your first name, last name, email address, address, state (or country – click the question asking if you’re outside of the USA next to it if you live outside of the USA), zip code and an optional comment as to why you’re signing. Click the checked box to uncheck if you do not want to subscribe to emails.

11.29.13 - Germans Demand Comatose Boy's Dog4


33 thoughts on “Germans Outraged by Government’s Demand of Comatose Boy’s Dog”

  1. Please don’t take his dog away!!!!!! :'( He will die without his dog, so please, please reconsider your actions.

  2. Tascha is this little boy’s HERO, his life would be so lonely without her, I have a hard time believing that anyone could even imagine taking away a therapy dog that belongs to a seriously ill 10-year-old boy who is in a coma, his parents both say that “whenever the dog is with him, their son is happy, his breathing becomes quieter, his heart rate falls” and that could only be because of this dog. I would hate to even think what could happen to this little boy if someone was to take his beloved therapy dog away from him because a dog in the neighborhood started a fight with her and she protected herself and bit the other dog as any dog would have done! Please help this little boy keep his beloved Tascha!

  3. I feel deeply for the child’s family. Save that precious dog. After 6 years this is the first incident and is recognized as self defense. I hate to say this , but the family should also consider that after 10 years of the child being a vegetable, it might be the right humane thing to do and say good-bye to the child.

  4. This dog is this child’s reason for existing. All of his vitals improve because of this bond. Don’t take this dog away. Don’t take his only sweetness in life, out from under him. A dog who cares so deeply for a child day in and day out for years, certainly doesn’t deserve to be destroyed. The boy will die without his dog. Please reconsider your actions.

  5. What a beautiful, sweet baby! She loves her human and clearly takes good care of him. Let her stay with her human!!

  6. The boy was born vegetative. He has remained so for 10 years. He probably does not have the capacity to ever be conscious. Why are they keeping him alive? His vitals may change, but that could simply be a normal reaction to any stimulus.

    The dog is wonderful, but the dog’s life is being wasted by sitting all day with a child who will never know. His brain doesn’t work.


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