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Here is a great bit of fun for our readers. Karen from Doggie Stylish has generously offered to outfit five of our readers in new collars! So who will the lucky five be? Let’s get to that in a moment, but first get over to the Doggie Stylish store and do some shopping, because the five winners from next week will have their pick of any collar in the store. There are even martingale collars for the hound lovers – so nobody should feel left out!

As always, we like to keep contests simple and easy, and this one will be no exception. The one caveat? You must be subscribed to our daily digest. If you are not, sign up takes ten seconds. Find the second box down on the left side of your screen and plug in your e-mail address. Hit the subscribe button and you’re on your way. Keep in mind that e-mail is never disclosed to third parties and we’re not spammers so you won’t see any cats for sale messages from us.

As was the case for our previous collar giveaway contest, you need only do the following to enter:

1. Watch your inbox for the daily digest e-mail to show up with a post mentioning the collar giveaway for that day. The subject will be Life With Dogs.

2. Simply hit the reply button and tell me you want a collar by putting the words “Enter me” in the subject.

Once I verify your subscription status I’ll forward messages along to Karen at Doggie Stylish and she’ll use to pick a daily winner. How is that for easy? So keep an eye on your inbox next week, hit reply, type two words and watch Doggie Stylish to get winner announcements.

I hope this adds a bit of fun to your week, and I wish you luck!  🙂

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29 thoughts on “Get Stylish Collar Contest”

  1. I’ve only received the ‘Dog spared life’ post today. Do we reply to that one or is there another one coming out? I didn’t see anything in there mentioning the collars.

  2. I have a Vizsla named Schooner. The Vizsla modeling the beautiful collar looks just like Schooner.

  3. Ok I signed up. Promise me when that darn two-legger tries to go for the collar that I have priority! I cannot have her win she will put me in some cheesy thing!

  4. Oh the ribbon collars – any one of them – are so beautiful! (But Nigel… I never get emails about your contests!!! ) That is okay though, cause I get other emails that are furry important to me. Hope you’ve had a super weekend!
    Hugs xoxoxo


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