Get Your Dog a Canine Driver’s License

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Traveling with dogs is becoming more and more common. Hotels are recognizing this and many have pet friendly policies. Some even treat dogs better than people! I’ve been offered special beds for my dogs from hotel staff, along with water bowls and treats. I guess they are cuter than me because I never get offered treats.

I do try to travel safely with my dogs in the car. We use a harness that attaches to a zip line in the back seat so if I stop quickly they have something to help hold them on the seat. I made this choice after a few quick stops where they ended up on the floor. Not only did I feel terrible when that happened, but it made me concerned for what would happen if it was more than just a quick stop. Luckily, I’ve never had to find that out. You could say my dog travel choices are Dog Tested. Dog Approved.TM

2.24.13 Subaru 2

Even though Twiggy and Onyx don’t physically drive my car, I sometimes feel as though they are in control of the car more than I am. I purchase my cars with my dogs in mind. Is there room for both of them comfortably? Can they easily jump in and out? Is it leather seats because when your dogs are in the car all the time cloth ones get tons of fur stuck in them and are harder to clean? Since, Twiggy and Onyx play such a role in my car decisions and needs, it’s only right that they should have their very own license, right?

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Subaru is offering the ability for YOU to create a license for your dog too. Check out Twiggy. She truly believes she lives on Diva Drive! When you make your license, think of cute places your pet is from because you don’t really want your real address floating out around on the internet. And while you are on Subaru’s Facebook app, check out the other things you can do, like “ask an expert” and “put your dog in a Subaru.” Plus, check out the great contest Subaru is having for an opportunity to win one of two prizes: a $350 Visa gift card or a $150 Visa gift card!
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