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Getting Those Spring Cleaning Urges? Good. Now Here’s What To Do

by Adrea

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Spring has sprung.  Well, at least it is supposed to have sprung and depending on where you may live, it either has or it hasn’t.  Still, according to the calendar, spring is here.  Visions of blooming irises and ranunculas come to mind.  Picnics. Longer days.  And, everyone’s favorite, spring cleaning!  Okay, maybe not, but for whatever reason, many of us subscribe to the belief that this is the time of out with the old, in with the new, in our own way cheaply imitating nature, perhaps.  This is not a bad thing, particularly when you put it into perspective.  So let’s get some of that.  Perspective. Think sweaters.  Now, think dogs in shelters and rescues.  Put those two thoughts together, then slow down a bit and consider.

In our rush to get through some of the less desirable things in our lives, and spring cleaning can probably be safely counted as part of that, we may toss quickly and less thoughtfully than we really need to in an effort to get to the finish line that may, possibly,  involve a nice glass of a favorite wine in celebration.  Or a good piece of chocolate. This year, however, when you get to the sweaters, instead of throwing them onto some indiscriminate pile that may only wind up stacked somewhere else until next year, take this bit of keen advice from The Animal Rescue Site.  Turn that discarded wardrobe you consider out-of-date into dog sweaters for your local shelters or rescues with their easy directions.  If you find yourself inspired, there are 22 DIY Ideas to Create Dog Sweater at World Inside Pictures.  Craft-inclined or not, there are lots of options in ways to help our furry friends.


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While everything may be presently in the process of (eventually) thawing out, winter is not really that far around the corner and that season can be a particularly hard time on animals in a shelter environment.  Heat can be hard to retain, particularly if the dogs have access to runs.  Gaskets don’t necessarily seal tightly and cold air sneaks in. Many shelters, probably fair to say most, are constructed from concrete which can hold the cold, both in walls and floors.  A sweater can help the dogs contain more of their body heat, helping them to stay healthy during the coldest times of the year.

So go to that closet and take stock.  As you fling open the doors, look inside and consider there are multiple reasons to get to tossing things, thoughtfully, out.  1) You will be providing much needed space for other desired items, more room equals more  goodies, 2) you will be getting your “creative on” and helping out dogs in shelters with your fabulously crafted doggie sweaters, and 3) that glass of wine or chocolate (scratch that, you will deserve both) will taste all the sweeter for your gift of sweaters.