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Give a Helping Paw to Birdie

by Melanie

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7.17.13 - Helping Paw to Birdie

A fan is requesting the help of other kind fans to help fund her dog’s medical care, which she cannot completely provide on her own.


Birdie is our 13 1/2 year old black Labrador and lives in Stamford, Ct.

After bouncing back from a terrible vestibular disease episode three weeks ago, Birdie, our sweet beautiful Black Labrador was diagnosed with severe Glaucoma and an eye tumor.If you ever met Birdie, you know what a wonderful dog he is. Everyone loves him. Since he was a puppy he has been the most lovable, smart, funny, well-behaved, unbelievably good dog we ever had. It is heartbreaking to see a dog with such good spirit and willingness to live to enjoy each new day, being sidetracked by this terrible eye disorder.

Birdie is a happy boy, and we would like to keep it that way. Despite his diminished vision, his appetite is terrific, and his tail still wags like a helicopter blade. He sure does not look like he is ready to leave us anytime soon! He just needs continued expensive medical treatment, which eventually will include eye surgery. Birdie’s has given so much love to everyone, would you give him a little back?

Please, show your support, it will be tremendously appreciated! Any funds raised above the cost of Birdie’s medical bills will be donated to a local Rescue Group.

If you would like to help, please visit Birdie’s fundraiser page.