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Give Back, Foster a Dog for the Holidays

by Katherine

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If fostering a dog has been on your list of things to do, but you haven’t done it because you can’t commit to doing it for weeks or months, fostering a pet just for the holidays (or holiday weekend) might be the perfect way for you to give back.

In Texas, many animal organizations like Corridor Rescue, Red Collar Rescue, Second Chance Pets, The Forgotten Pet Advocates and Barrio Dogs are looking for families willing to take in their adoptable dogs just for the holidays.

Rescue organizations are always looking for foster homes and many times they turn to boarding facilities to house their adoptable pets while they find forever homes for their dogs. The boarding is done at a reduced cost, but when the holidays come, the boarding facilities need those spaces for their clients who will pay full-price for their services and the rescue dogs need temporary placement somewhere else.

Charlotte Liberda, founder of Red Collar Rescue says that this time of the year is when many first time and short term foster families can help.

“If you can take one of our adoptables into your home just for that time when those kennels need the space, we would be so grateful,” Liberda told ABC 13 News. “There’s no long term commitment. You are just giving a rescue dog or cat a temporary place to stay for a few days.”

During the holidays, many programs aimed at making the holidays better for the less fortunate come to light. Most of those programs are aimed at children and low income families, but there are also less fortunate four-legged friends that deserve and want a Merry Christmas. Fostering is very rewarding, and if this year you and your family are looking for ways to give back, this is a great way to participate and help pets in need.

Below is a list of rescue organizations in Texas that would love to have you as a short term foster family, but reach out to your local rescue groups and ask about fostering just for the holidays.

Red Collar Rescue or email [email protected]

K-9 Angels Rescue

Corridor Rescue

The Forgotten Pet Advocates

Second Chance Pets or email [email protected]

Rescued Pets Movement

Cocker Spaniel Rescue

Dachshund Rescue of Houston

Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue

Barrio Dogs

Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston or email [email protected]

Dream Dachshund Rescue

Almost Home Pet Rescue

Lucky Penny Rox Rescue | Facebook | Email [email protected]

Triumphant Tails

English Springer Rescue