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Giveaway: Drs. Foster and Smith Triple Toy Prize Package


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Quado Dog Bone

Fridays mean fun, and today we’ve got a lot of extra fun on tap for one lucky reader thanks to a great giveaway from Drs. Foster and Smith.

They sent us a number of toys to sample, and the dogs have been busy non-stop since they arrived. Some of you joined us for a live demo in The Dog Room and saw Truffles lose her marbles over the Everlasting Treat Ball. It’s still just as popular as before, and now they’ve discovered the other exciting goodies that Drs. Foster and Smith were kind enough to offer for a giveaway.

Let’s get a look at the prize package!

It’s the toy our dogs go bonkers for. Have a bored busybody on your hands? Problem solved. This fun and challenging toy has provided countless hours of entertainment for our pack.

Everlasting Treat Ball sizes

Everlasting Treat Ball is a treat and a toy, all rolled up into one. Your pet will chew the durable, tear-resistant outer ball for hours, while working to get a nibble out of the treat inside. The perfect way to relieve boredom, help redirect destructive behavior, and remove plaque. Ball is made from a durable, proprietary material that withstands aggressive chewing. Each treat ball includes highly palatable chicken-flavored treats that help clean teeth (you’ll get 2 treats for Medium Ball and Large Ball; 1 treat for Small Ball). Can also be used as a retrieval toy in water. Fill inside with the treat or dog food of your choice. You can even hide the Everlasting Treat Ball for a game of doggie hide-and-seek with a tasty reward at the end. The options are endless; the fun is everlasting! Dishwasher safe.


Next up is the Quado dog bone, and considering that it did not survive 24 hours before the dogs devoured it, I’d have to say that Drs. Foster and Smith are on to something yummy!

  • Innovative bone stands upright, toss after toss, for easy grabbing
    • Four low-fat bones in one unique shape!
    • Natural ingredients help freshen breath and reduce plaque buildup
    • Edible and digestible

Even if your dog rolls this edible bone, it will always land upright so he can easily grab it again. He’ll wrap his paws around three anchor bones and gnaw the fourth. Quado rotates easily for a comfortable chewing position every time. Helps reduce plaque buildup, and because Quado contains no plastics, nylon, or rubber, it is completely digestible.


Now let’s get a look at the Busy Buddy Bristle Bone, another big hit with our dogs.

This is the dental toy dogs are GUARANTEED to chew! The durable nylon bristles and rubber nubs of the Bristle Bone provide a unique chewing experience. The irresistible, replaceable Gnawhide treat rings ensure long-lasting enjoyment and are easy to replace. The design of the Bristle Bone makes it impossible for dogs to gorge on treats. Toy unscrews to load treats and clean. Comes packed with another set of natural rawhide treats. Additional Gnawhide treat rings sold separately.

Recommended for strong chewers.

How to Enter

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Spare your pooch and yourself from the winter doldrums – enter our giveaway for a chance to up the fun factor for your dog!  And as always…good luck!

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