Giveaway: Drypet Microfiber Pet Towels

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Drypet’s unique towel can cut the drying time of your pets by more than half.

drypet1 Environmentally safe, with no chemical additives, the Drypet microfiber pet towel is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and soaks up water on contact, holding up to five times more water than your basic cotton bath towel and dries pets completely, eliminating the need for scary blow dryers, multiple towels, shivering dogs – our towel not only comes in handy during bath time, but is also great for quick paw clean ups at the back door, fun hiking outings, long walks, and trips to the dog park.

Drypet was created in 2011 by La-Toya Sukhoo after watching a friend take well over 45 minutes to dry her labrador retriever, Jack. Realizing the time consuming and frustrating way in which her friend helped Jack get dry, she discovered a revolutionary microfiber fabric and made the decision to create a towel designed to dry pets faster. “I just knew there had to be a better and more enjoyable way to help Jack get dry,” shared Sukhoo. “That’s when I decided to create the Drypet microfiber pet towel.”

As many of you know, our labs live in water each summer, and we dread the post swim drying ritual. Wringing both of them out after a swim is arduous at best, and Drypet furnished us with a couple of sample towels to see if we were impressed. We were – very much so. These timesavers would make a groomer’s life easier, and if you frequently bathe your dogs or take them swimming, the Drypet towel will just make your life easier. Holding up to five times more water than your basic cotton bath towel, these really do dry your dogs much faster.  We’re sold.

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