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Giveaway: IN Pet Supplements & Shampoo


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IN supplements

IN® pet supplements have been helping to promote good health in dogs and cats for over 25 years.

Given their history and the quality formulations they have become known for, we didn’t hesitate to say yes when IN® reached out to us to propose a giveaway. If you are today’s lucky winner, we are certain you’ll be as impressed as we have been with IN’s offerings.

IN® was kind enough to send us  samples of INhancer™  (a joint protection supplement for high activity and older dogs that contains the highest quality glucosamine HCL and chondroitin) and their IN® Supplement. We’ve only gone through about a quarter of our supply, which is too early to make substantive claims about any physiological changes, but we can say with confidence that your dogs will love these – they are actually preferred over other treats by our pack,  and that’s saying something, because our dogs are inundated with treats by mail and are completely spoiled!

We will report long term results with INhancer™ in the future. Those of you who know us are aware that Truffles has a bum leg, and much of her pain emanates from one specific elbow joint that has responded to various treatments with varying levels of success. To date, we have not found a supplement that makes any noticeable improvement, so if INhancer works, you can be certain that we’ll e barking about it. But enough about us, let’s get a closer look at today’s prizes.

IN® Supplement for dogs (shown above): A daily nutritional supplement to provide dogs with the live enzymes, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that they require to enhance their immune system and to help keep their coat and skin in top condition. The IN® Supplement for dogs is manufactured in the form of a semi-soft nugget that can be given as a treat. IN® is designed to be taken by dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages and can safely be administered each day for the life of the animal.

Leciderm Shampoo


Veterinarian formulated, Leciderm is specifically designed to help relieve seasonal eczema, flea bite dermatitis, itching and dandruff. Lecithin functions by dissolving the greasy build up in the skin, thereby “deep cleaning” the skin and facilitating the growth of new hair. Aloe Vera reduces the irritation and inflammation associated with skin conditions and also helps promote healing. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and promotes healing of the skin. Australian Tee Tree Oil an antiseptic, which promotes healing of the skin, particularly skin that is highly irritated, itchy and inflamed. Jojoba Oil helps dissolve the greasy build up that clogs the skin and provides a conditioning effect on the hair. Leciderm has a faint lavender scent which leaves the dog’s coat odor free.

How to Enter

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