Golden Retriever Leads Family to Missing Dog

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katieLast week a German shepherd named Katie went missing. For thirty hours her owners desperately searched for her to no avail. Then their other dog, a Golden Retriever named Bojangles, came to the rescue leading the family to Katie who was trapped in a drainage pipe.

When Katie went missing last Friday her owners knew something was wrong. “Katie disappeared from my parents’ house around noon on Friday,” her owner posted on the website Reddit. “She rarely even leaves the yard, so for her not to show up after a few hours was cause for alarm.” For hours Katie’s families searched and called for Katie.

Saturday afternoon came and they still hadn’t been able to find Katie. That’s when the family’s children took Bojangles for a walk through the woods. “As they walked home, Bojangles ran to the drainage pipe and barked,” wrote Katie’s owner. “The kids went to see what had him so excited and Katie’s nose popped out of the end of the pipe!” Soon the entire family was there at the drainage pipe to help Katie. Once they assessed the situation they knew they needed additional help and called 911.

Katie was soon freed from the drainage pipe with the help of emergency crews who had to use the Jaws of Life to free Katie from the pipe. Although tired and thirsty she was doing well and safely home thanks to Bojangles.