Good Samaritan Chases Down Dog-Beating Man

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Clinton “Doc” West on the job.


A 23-year-old man has been arrested after he was pursued by a neighbor who saw him beating his dog.  City of Carlsbad, New Mexico Code Enforcement Officer Clinton “Doc” West saw the man beating the dog inside of a van parked near his home, and followed the man to keep him from getting away.

West was at his home when he heard a dog’s cries.  When he looked around, he saw a man, later identified as Kerry Diamond, repeatedly punching a dog.  He continued to batter the dog until it went silent.  West thought the poor dog was dead.  Diamond left the van to rinse his hands under a sprinkler, then returned and drove off.

West called police and trailed the man in his own vehicle.  Diamond was quickly stopped by police, who were told that the dog sustained injuries from a cat.  Officer Matthew Langlitz told the man he did not believe a cat could do that much damage to a dog.

Diamond replied, “Well, it was a big cat.”

Officers weren’t buying it, and held him in a patrol car.  Animal Control Officer Michelle Boudrie said she believed the dog, possibly a blue heeler-pit bull mix, might have a concussion or a broken jaw based on the substantial swelling around his head.  He was rushed to Animal Care Center after Diamond signed a Consent to Search and Seizure form.

Dr. Blake Murray took X-rays of the dog, and drained blood from a hematoma on his head.  The vet reported that the dog did not have a concussion, but with a few more blows he likely would have been killed.  He confirmed that the injuries were “definitely due” to blunt force trauma to the head.

“The dog was such a sweet boy even after being savagely beaten, and we hope that he finds a new, loving home,” Murray said.

Diamond was arrested and charged with extreme cruelty to animals.



8 thoughts on “Good Samaritan Chases Down Dog-Beating Man”

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant and cruel some people can be towards animals; let’s hope this low-life is never allowed to own any pets again.

  2. Somebody needs to punch that stupid kid in the head a few dozen times. Anyone that would be mean to an animal is probably a serial killer waiting to happen. You can tell the caliber of a person by the way they treat animals, children or old people. The helpless and those that are unable to protect themselves.

  3. One perplexing aspect of this story is why in gods name would the a$$hole have to sign anything for them to enter the vehicle and take the animal! You have a witness who saw the assault, you have an officer who clearly sees a beaten dog and believes the cowards story to be a lie. Law enforcement can search and your car in NC without your consent as long as one foot stays on the ground (if I remember correctly). Also, they are allowed to search any compartment as long as it is unlocked (again if I remember correctly) I would image the same rules apply in most places. Really, this is why so many scumbag get by with animal abuse. Ultimately I am left with the question, what if the the guy refused to sign the pretty little form? Would they have just waved at him as he drove away?

  4. Just another good reason to have an animal abuser’s registry!

    This monster will no doubt get another dog to abuse. Hopefully he will realize that people are watching!

    Thank God for the caring neighbor.


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