Good Samaritan helps rescue abused dogs

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It must have quite a shocking sight to see while driving down the highway, a dog, clinging desperately to the top of a crate while the truck it was riding in sped down the road.  While the good samaritan who saw this was indeed shocked, she was able to get in behind and snap some pictures of the truck, the dog, and the license plate, possibly saving the lives of several dogs in the process.

The dog was underweight, wounded, and was tied in to the truck with a heavy chain.  It was also wearing a hunting vest.   As soon as she got home the woman contacted People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) who’s Emergency Response Team traced the license plate to a county in Florida, a state that has a law against transporting animals inhumanely.

When police knocked on the door of the owner, a teenage boy, he admitted to using his dogs for hunting, and keeping them chained in the back of the truck.  He also agreed to turn over the dog, and five other dogs, and has been sentenced to 150 hours of community service for his crime.  The dogs have now been taken to a local shelter and are up for adoption.

Thanks to the good samaritan who took the time to take photos and contact PETA these 6 dogs have a chance at a happy life.  It is considered very dangerous to keep a dog in the back of an open pick up truck and it is prohibited to do so in some areas.  For information about how to travel safely with your pets go to PETA’s website.

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  1. too bad they contacted PETA…yes they were rescued from that horrid situation, but do you really think they are “safe” now they are with that ridiculous organization? Sorry but they are not, they will be put down faster than the sun sets. 🙁

      • Peta kills 96% of animals it takes in.. It is a joke along with the Humane Society of America. If you give make it direct to your local shelter.

        • You listen to too much Big Ag and AKC propaganda. They LIE about PETA and the Human Society because they are the most effective organizations in controlling animal abuse.

          • Hfjai, please do your research PETA kills almost every animal it “rescues”. They are a joke. They are one of the loudest organizations arguing that the simple “No kill formula does not work”. They label independent rescue groups as hoarders.

  2. That. Was suppose to be a thumbs down on your comment “anonymous “…..sounds as if they were going to dye inhumanly ….and why the “anonymous “….

  3. I hope every jerk in this ignorant town [Klamath Falls] with a truck and a dog read this. So many idiots here think it is OK. They don’t deserve to keep them! And pay a hefty fine.

  4. The woman’s heart was in the right place. . .a lot of people would have done nothing. Personally, I would have called the cops, followed the douche and beat him with a tire iron if I got there before the cops and claimed self defense. Some people just . . . suck!


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