Puppy found alive in car one month after it had been towed

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Miraculously, a 12 week old puppy had survived being captive inside a locked car for almost a month.  The pup, named Kia, was discovered inside a car that had been towed to a Kansas City impound lot on April 8th.  Incredibly she was alive and though very dehydrated and distressed, seems to be in reasonably good health.

When he spotted her the impound lot employee called police who freed from her the car and handed her over to animal control.  Kia survived her ordeal by eating trash that was in the Suburban, including leftovers in fast-food bags and, apparently, cigars but she had no access to water.  Kia, a terrier and schnauzer mix is now being cared for by the Kansas City Pet Project which operates the municipal animal shelter.

“We will give her some proper medical care. She is very, very dehydrated and obviously very malnourished,” said Tori Fugate, spokeswoman for Pet Project.  “We will get some food in her.  The animal control officer said the car was just disgusting,” Fugate said.  Kia will be nursed back to good health, spayed, and vaccinated.  She will live with a foster family until she is ready to be adopted.

The vehicle was filled with clothing, clutter and trash, according to Danny Rotert, a spokesman for the municipal government, which made it impossible for the officers, tow driver or tow lot employees to see the dog.   The registered owner was notified by mail of the towing, but has not appeared.  “I am not sure how the dog miraculously survived its encampment,” Rotert said. “We are very happy Kia has found a foster home. We’re excited that she’s healthy and on the mend. It’s pretty miraculous, and we are so sorry that it happened. Poor pup.”

For more information on Kia, or to make a donation, go to Kansas City Pet Project.