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Good Samaritan Rescues Puppy Dumped from Car

by Fred

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7.14.14 - Good Samaritan Rescues Puppy Dumped from Car2

In Indiantown, Florida a puppy dumped mercilessly from a moving vehicle is getting some very much needed treatment, and is finally in good care thanks to a good Samaritan that was a witness to the whole thing.  “Tiny Tim” as the pup has been named, is resting comfortably, and is being attended to medically as well.

The whole thing happened near Allapattah Road Saturday evening.  A resident of the area witnessed someone literally pitch the pup out of the window of their vehicle, and drive away.

“He saw us and he just wagged and laid down like ‘Come get me.  I’m ready to go,’” Angela Searcy, the manager and director of Furry Friends Ranch.  Furry Friends is where Tiny Tim is being treated.

Even though it seemed like a simple rescue operation, Tiny Tim actually has a long road ahead of him before he’s completely recovered.  Tim is very emaciated, and has both mange and some parasites.  According to vets, it could be as long as three months before he totally recovered.

7.14.14 - Good Samaritan Rescues Puppy Dumped from Car1

“Unfortunately, what people don’t realize is that things like this happen way more often than you know,” said Searcy.

Right now, there are over 200 animals in the care of vets and staff at the 28-acre animal sanctuary that makes up the Furry Friends Ranch.  They take on many cases of abuse, abandonment or even just plain old turned over to the shelter because people no longer want to, or simply cannot care for the animal any longer.

“Sometimes the physical condition of an animal is so depleted that it is enough to break their spirit,” Searcy said.

This hasn’t been the case with Tiny Tim.  His spirit, despite his traumatic abandonment and apparent mistreatment, nothing seems to be able to break this little dog’s spirit.  He’s still one happy little guy, and is an inspiration to everyone that interacts with him.

“When you see an animal that’s been abused or in such bad shape, all it takes is that one tail wag or the energy they muster up to lift their head up to look at you, when they have no energy, to make it all worthwhile,” Searcy said.

7.14.14 - Good Samaritan Rescues Puppy Dumped from Car3

For more information on Tiny Tim, his progress, or for ways you can help out the Furry Friends Ranch, click here to see their website and Facebook page.  Anyone in the area with inquiries into adoption, or making a donation to help care for Tiny Tim can call 561-747-5311 extension 2.