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Dog Wash Event Held in Colorado to Raise Money for Prescription Pet Program

by Fred

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7.14.14 - Dog Wash Event Held in Colorado to Raise Money for Prescription Pet Program1

At Children’s Hospital in Colorado, dogs are often brought in to spend some much needed relaxation and interaction time with the sick children sometimes stuck in hospital beds for very long periods.  The Deer Creek Animal Hospital in Littleton held an event to try and raise some money for this revolutionary therapy, and give some much needed baths to some furry friends.

It was Children’s Hospital Colorado’s 28th Annual Dog Wash.  People could bring their pets to be bathed for a small donation that goes directly to the Prescription Pet Program at the hospital.

“We can support the Prescription Pet Program, both with money and dogs need a bath too,” said Dr. Dan Brod, a vet with Deer Creek Animal Hospital.

Veterinarians like Brod are the ones tasked with the certifying of volunteer dogs that will be brought to the sick kids at Children’s Hospital for the program.

“Our dogs visit patients in the hospital in their rooms, most of the time in their beds,” said Ken Proch.  He’s the one leading up the Dog Wash Fundraiser and works directly with the Prescription Pet Program.

The whole idea of bringing in dogs to brighten up the often long and lonely days some people spend stuck in the hospital actually started around 1984.

“We began because a physician actually wrote a prescription for a pet visit from a patient’s pet,” said Proch.

It’s not just the kids that look forward to having the furry friends around.  The doctors and staff love having the dogs come and visit.

“Petting an animal raises a patients oxytocin levels and their endorphin levels, and it actually does exist in the healing process,” Proch said.

“It’s amazing how generous so many of the people are,” said Brod.  “We enjoy working with the people from Children’s Hospital.  It’s been a very rewarding experience.”

For more information on the Prescription Pet Program, you can visit Children’s Hospital Colorado’s website by clicking here.