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Good Samaritans Reunite Service Dog with War Veteran.

by Katherine

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On April 2, 2014, Ebby, a PTSD service dog disappeared form his owner’s home in Cape Coral, Florida.  Fortunately, two good Samaritans spotted the dog running loose, captured it, and reunited him with his worried owner.

Ryan Grose, an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, had left the pet in his home while he went to get a hair cut. However, the garage door was left open. When the veteran returned home, he found his service dog missing.

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When Grose learned of the recent shooting in Fort Hood, Texas, he longed for Ebby even more. The canine helps him overcome stressful situations such as the senseless shooting.

“He’s there for me to cope with things like that, and he wasn’t there,” Grose told Fox 4.

That same night, Jessica Morgan and her boyfriend saw the dog walking along Del Prado Blvd. The good Samaritans were able to catch the service pet and called Lee County Domestic Animal Services to have him rescued.

“He was walking through a parking lot and all of a sudden started running towards Del Prado and all the cars… it really freaked me out,” Morgan said.

Once Ebby was safe under the care of Animal Services, a positive ID was made and Grose was contacted and reunited with his pet.

“[Grose is] very lucky that a concerned citizen held the dog for us so we were able to pick it up,” said Glenn Johnson, Operations Manager for Animal Services.

Police are investigating how the canine was able to leave the home and they know of a potential suspect, but until a full investigation is complete, answers won’t be known.

As for our veteran soldier, he is extremely glad to have his service dog back home with him.

“I feel like I’m complete again, I felt like a part of me was missing,” said Ryan Grose.