Great Dane Sings National Anthem to Honor Fallen Vets

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It all started when Belle the Great Dane was a puppy.  Her human loves to sing, and Belle with simply started to hum and whistle along.  So her human got the idea to honor fallen military veterans, by having Belle and her sing the national anthem together.

Her and her human have worked very hard getting things just right.  She has a special bandana that she wears every time they sing together, and you can see the sense of duty on her face when she puts it on.  She takes her singing VERY seriously.

Belle is 2 years old, and has traveled to many places, putting on her tribute to all of the American heroes that have fought so bravely and gave their lives so that we can have the amazing opportunities we enjoy as Americans.  How fitting a tribute, as there are many canine American heroes that have fought bravely as well.


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  1. you can view the video where it was orignially aired at This is my mom and her dog just wanted to point out that Outlaw Lady Bella joined my mothers tribute to our troops that she has been doing for over a decade and her tribute is for the fallen k9 heroes. Also they sing America the Beautiful, not the national anthem. Thanks


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