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Group Trying to Raise $5K for Hit and Run Dog

by Fred

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9.21.15 - hit and run

A group out of Jasper, Indiana is trying to raise $5,000 to help cover medical bills for a young dog that was a victim of a hit-and-run.  The dog was struck by a car, and no one has claimed her as their family member.

Kloe, as she’s been named, was hit by someone that didn’t even bother to stop to see if she was alright.  In the accident she sustained a bad pelvis fracture, and many femur fractures as well.  And all of this just last week in Jasper.

She’s had to undergo two surgeries to help her heal up properly.  The Dubois County Humane Society is heading up the effort to pay Kloe’s medical bills.  The total cost of surgeries is $5,000, and aside from raising that, they also hope to find her a forever home.

The Dubois is hoping that they can do the same for Kloe that they did last year.  They also helped out another dog that was a hit-and-run victim on Interstate 64 in Ferdinand.  That dog was saved, her leg was repaired successfully, and they even managed o find a forever home and family for that dog as well.

If you can, please consider helping out Kloe on her mission to get well, and get a family.  You can visit the Dubois County Humane Society’s webpage by clicking here.  You can also see their Facebook page by clicking here.

9.21.15 - hit and run2