Guiness Record Setting Pooch Lets It All Hang Out

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But that’s because he doesn’t have much of a choice! Meet Puggy, the dog now recognized by Guiness as having the largest tongue of any dog in the world. Puggy spent his earlier days as a stray until Becky Sanford rescued the lucky dog, treating him for mange and heartworm and restoring him to health.  “My heart went out to him!” she says on the Puggy web site. “He was so skinny and his hind quarters were raw and practically bald. He smelled really bad, and what hair he had felt like straw. I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh! He was a heck of a site with that tongue of his almost touching the ground.”

Puggy’s tongue measures 11.43 centimeters, or to this untrained eye, about a hundred inches. Don’t hold me to that conversion figure, and whatever you do…don’t offer this dog a lick of your ice cream cone!   😉


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12 thoughts on “Guiness Record Setting Pooch Lets It All Hang Out”

  1. Sorry. That’s just gross. I couldn’t live with Puggy. But more importantly, it looksl like something’s totally not okay about Puggy’s tongue. It doesn’t look like he could fit the whole thing in his mouth without choking. It must get terribly, interfere with swallowing, and digestion, and doG knows what else.

  2. thats not funny,his tongue can get cought on something..and it can be very ‘painful’ I hope the owner plan to have some special doctors look at it have have something done….poor babie..♥ I LOVE PEKES♥..I♥You Puggy Boy♥ can see my pekes on youtube..{ Linda and Roger’s babies Christmas}
    *They all ‘cross the rainbow’*


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