Disabled Man and Dog Begin New Life Together

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There is intentional irony in this dog’s name, and Lucky is just that: having survived a gunshot to the spine and being run over by a car, this happy Denver, Colorado canine is starting a new life in a new home – a perfectly suited one at that.

luckyLucky was recently fitted for a new wheel chair after being left partially paralyzed by the car accident. He spent some time in the care of Royal Rescue, an area non-profit, before a new home was found for him. Before he could meet his new owner, however, Lucky required more than a little TLC.

“We’ve been doing molecular therapy with him, laser treatment, massage, swimming and he’s been on a lot of medication because he came with tapeworm, whipworm and a lot of internal infections,” Jules Hill said.

Hill is responsible for nursing Lucky back to health after rescuing him from a pen in Missouri. Left to fend for himself, the dog was forced to drag himself whenever he needed to move. Hill said the new wheelchair has done wonders to help him get around.

Maneuvering in and out of his new home will be a snap for lucky, because it’s already wheelchair accessible: like Lucky, his new owner, 16-year-old David Cramer, is wheelchair-bound.

“I have spinal bifida and cannot move my legs,” Cramer said. “He’s got special needs just like I am,” Cramer said. “I’ve been in a wheelchair my whole life, pretty much.”

Despite his quiet demeanor, there is a perceptible change in Cramer when he discusses his new partner. He lights up when talking about Lucky, and it’s apparent that this is a partnership for life. As the pair lean on each other for support, and strike out on new adventures together, Cramer and Lucky will be rolling in style – in new, matching blue wheelchairs purchased in celebration of Lucky’s homecoming.

Jules Hill says she couldn’t have found a more suitable match for the dog she saved, and the man who has been waiting a lifetime to meet him agrees.

Cramer said receiving the dog and knowing he had found an empathetic companion was a life changing experience. “Thank you very much,” he said, weeping. ” I’m happy I got him,” Cramer said.