Hank is Safe. Thank You

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On Saturday, we told you the story of Hank, a dog living in Clay County Animal Care & Control in Green Cove Springs, Fla. who was running out of time. He needed a miracle. He had until today to find a rescue group or an experienced pet owner to pull him, and we are happy to report that his miracle happened. Hank found a rescue group and he is safe.



On Sunday, September 18, 2014, Pavlina Sanbord a pet photographer networking the pet posted the following on her blog.

“Reputable rescue stepped up for Hank to save his life! Logistics of his rescue are being worked out as I write this, so no details right now. Hank’s time was extended till Friday per the shelter Director, enough time for the rescue to take him.”

Sanborn says that thanks our article, the power of social media and people sharing his story, the shelter dog now has a real second chance to move into a forever home.

Even though Hank’s life is no at risk he still needs a forever home. Stay tune to fine out where and when he will be available for adoption.