Rescue from the Heart Saves Two Dogs from the Streets

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Rescue from the Heart was called into action to rescue two dogs from the street.  The dogs simply would not come out from hiding for any of the neighbors that attempted to help them.  When Rescue from the Heart staff showed up they knew things wouldn’t be easy.  They were eventually wrangled into a cage, and were brought to safety.  Nice work guys!

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  1. Awww I would have them but am in the UK and I think a long haul flight in cargo is unfair but I hope they find a lovi ng forever home

  2. you know…you seem to be doing the very same thing…as HOPE FOR PAWS but this time no vet check up??? Just right into your kitchen sink. Do you have an official site that you are accredited to and these sort of things.

  3. there was no vet , why would anyone donate five dollars to you to not take them to the vet….this is odd. Exactly the same as Hope for Paws and he was simply a PO Box because we tried to visit to give a donation in person., are you set up then???


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