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Happy Homecoming for Dog Carried Away by Tornado


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Frank Wood and his two children were forced to ride out a deadly tornado in the ‘safe room’ of their Piedmont home as the storm raged around them, destroying their house and carrying away their dog.

Wood says he urged his dog Roxie to join them in the safe room as the funnel bore down on them. Roxie would not come. “The last thing I remember is looking at her and having to shut that door. Just had to get in, and bless her heart, she just wouldn’t come to me,” he said.

Once the twister passed, the family emerged to find Roxie missing: a subsequent search was unsuccessful. Wood told his children to prepare for the fact that they may never see her again.

When the phone rang yesterday morning the Woods heard some very good news. An oil rig worker had found Roxie cowering in a field almost two miles from home, and NewsOn6 was there to document the moment when Rosie was reunited with her family.