Happy Valentine’s Day from the Dog

by Katherine

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Valentine’s Day is not just for humans. Our four-legged friends are willing participants on this day we celebrate Love. Canines will shower us with more wet kisses than their human counterparts, so don’t pout if on this day there is no human to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day. Turn to a pet and receive more affection and attention than ever before.

If you are on the market for puppy love, head over to your local shelter and get yourself your own Valentine. You’ll have all ages, sizes, and breeds to select from. Trust us, if you like them tall and skinny, or short and chubby, you’ll find the perfect Valentine.



This weekend is National Valentine’s Weekend Pet Adoption. More than 114 animal rescue organizations across 39 states, have joined Best Friends Animal Society  to celebrate this event and they are slashing adoption prices to just $14. For this great price you will find “The One.”

“We have amazing pets, including puppies, kittens, purebreds and mixed breeds of all types in shelters all over the country just waiting to be adopted,” said Elizabeth Oreck, national manager, for Best Friends Animal Society’s puppy mill initiatives. “And for the amazing adoption fee of just $14, we hope people will reconsider adoption before purchasing a pet.”

Through Feb. 14 through Feb. 16, shelters and rescue groups are offering the $14 adoption deal. Some groups are extending the promotion beyond the weekend. Get the full list of states and participating groups here.

Now, if you live in Iowa maybe you are one of the lucky few who received a Wag-A-Gram.

What’s A Wag-A-Gram you ask? It is a personalized valentine, cookie and rose that is delivered to you or special someone by one of Midland Humane Society’s rescued canines. The cost of the special delivery is just $30 and the adopted rescue pets doing the delivery only travels around to businesses or homes in Council Bluffs or Omaha, Iowa.

Gordon is one of the Wag-A-Grams delivery couriers.
Gordon is one of the Wag-A-Grams delivery couriers.


The Midland Humane Society has been running the Wag-A-Grams program for six years now. All funds raised through this program go towards the cost of building a new state-of-the-art animal shelter. The new facility is expected to begin construction this spring.

We hope you and your four-legged Valentine have a happy and pet-friendly celebration.

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