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We want to hear about your dogs. Send us your dog pictures, videos, stories, quotes – whatever you think your fellow dog lovers should hear about. Please keep in mind that due to volume of material received, only more interesting and compelling items are likely to appear in these pages.

By submitting material to us, you agree to grant us permission to publish on Life With Dogs or to share submissions on our Facebook fan page. Bloggers who wish to have posts shared may submit links here.

E-mail us with any questions or comments, or if you have issues submitting your item. Please note that video must be submitted via e-mail: [email protected]

Please ensure that your picture is 1200 pixels tall or less before uploading.

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155 thoughts on “Your Dog Here

  1. Now that I’ve sent my boys’ pics over, where will I find them? You have soooo many buttons, nooks and crannies that I’m a bit lost. Perhaps I need a map?

        1. I must be slow….I thought “english muffin”…what? and then it dawned on me….that really is funny….ha,ha,ha…..good one!

      1. Hi! Question – I just submitted a photo and here you’ve said you’ll “notify by email” – but what if my email isn’t attached to my photo? A little confused about how that will work…

      2. Oh so when we upload you have to filter everything out??? I was wondering why my video didn’t show up, lol. How long does it usually take? I’m sure you get millions of requests all the time, so I’m guessing it won’t be instantaneous.

          1. You just have to keep checking their page to see if it shows up. They decide whether or not to post it.

          2. We update the gallery on the weekends. As long as your picture is not too large, or very blurry, it will be added. Check after the weekend. πŸ˜‰

    1. “Mom, did you really call them cooks and nannies?”

      Haha, loved that part of the commercial while growing up.

    2. I have tried repeatedly to post using my Yahoo account, but it isn’t happening….what do I need to do? Thanks.

    3. Just go to fan page and are alot of blank pages with circles moving around. If it has been posted just keep clicking on each pic to see.

  2. I just love your site ,It help make the awareness about animal abuse ,and in return the Love that everyone has for them.
    Animals or Gods gift to us and me need to take care of them .
    I have a site and I try to send the word out how special animal or to us.

  3. Just uploaded my beagles, Louie and Delilah. Both times it said “Invalid” after I uploaded, so I don’t know if they were actually posted. I hope so. πŸ™‚

  4. We’re thinking a regular Friday Fan pic post would be a fun way for everyone to share. If you enter notes with the pic they will be included.

  5. well i would tell you about Benni but you havent even shown me u care about him by posting my pix of him which is ent about 4 months ago so why should i bother to send mort epix and tell you about him

  6. just sent 2 pics of my boys…..Meatball 4 year old Shiba Inu & Poodle mix and his Dad …..Doggie 6 year old Shiba Inu. I love my boys they are the best buddies and best friends ever.

  7. Barb, we left a message on your post mentioning that the pic never reached our inbox. Did you not see that? And did you happen to have crab for dinner by any chance? πŸ˜‰

  8. After weeks of not being able to sign on to Life with Dogs I am finally successful! To celebrate I sent you a pic of my girl, Skye.

    Thanks for the great site and so glad I an view you again!

    1. Do you realize how hard it is to find Briards in our area? They are rare in the state of Kansas. My vet has one patient but I couldn’t find any breeders or any in rescues. We just wanted a family pet–we don’t show or compete in any way–but living a farm (raising beef cattle) I thought one would fit in good out here. I became fascinated with them after reading up on them more.

  9. I’ve just sent a picture of one of my three beagles with one of my two cats. They are best friends. Hope to see it soon on your wall!!

  10. You should now be in possession of photos of our two “children”, Cissie and Bitsy. I followed the instructions and you are right, it “gobbled” them right up…now can you please tell me WHERE they can be viewed?? Looking forward to seeing everyone’s photographs!! Thanks.

      1. Yay! The uploader worked! I sent in pictures of my three dogs, Kyro and Keilo on one, and Keeva on another pic … I love your site .. I share almost everything to my FB page!! Thank you for keeping us abreast on so many rescues and great things people do for dogs!! :)))

  11. Am new to this site, but love it. Just uploaded pics of my 2 girls … Daisy and Whooza … Hope it worked !

  12. Hey Nigel –

    Hope you all have recovered from that flooding from Irene! That was pretty gnarly water levels down your drive!
    I just uploaded a picture of my Boxer, Holly. However, I noticed the “caption” option AFTER I pressed Upload. πŸ˜›
    Holly loves to sleep with her nose IN the blankets, be it on the couch or just on the floor. I like to think she was groaning at a bad joke I’d just told. LOL
    Happy Labor Day!

  13. Glad I found you guys! Dogs rule and so does your site! Thanks for all the hard work, information and enjoyment!

  14. Hi, please kindly notify me via email if the photo of our lovable friend dogs would be posted.. Thanks! (^_^)

  15. If the picture takes, will it say, “Success or Thank You” or something. Everytime I try to upload, it just goes back to the original page. πŸ™

  16. I just upload 3 pics. .one of Lexus, other is for Audi, one have both of them in it. .=) they are 3 months old chow chow. .love’m so much. .very proud of them that i’d like you to see how lovable they are. .=) hope to see the pics soon. .=)

    any way, your page rocks!=)

  17. I’ve just sent(uploaded) our family’s(dogs)pic;where can I see it! lol…did I wrong way?
    love your page! ^o^

  18. Was I suppose to get any type of message or confirmation that my submission was accepted after I hit upload?

  19. Thanks to have my babies in your web site, 2 Pitbulls, and a sweet doberman too, Sandra Romero

  20. I just uploaded a pic of 2 of our therapy dogs at candy cane ranch. It just went back to the form and did not acknowledge receiving it. Did it go through? Thanks for such a great site. Merry Christmas and God Bless!

  21. I adopted a Pit Bull Mix dog from the NYACC shelter this past July and I would like to share his story on here. Are you still taking pictures and stories? I just Love him so much and he was very misunderstood by the foster mom who originally had him, that I would love to share it with you all. Let me know. Thanks! BIG HUGS! <3
    Karen Mathison

  22. What a wonderful side with my favorite theme- all about dog’s!

    This is really one of my best sides right now!
    Interesting and so many diffrent news and informations!

    That’s our style <3

    Lilly the Cocker Spaniel and her Mom ;O)
    Grettings from Germany

  23. I sent a pic of my 2 German Shepherds, Colt on left, Kendie on right. Will keep checking back to see if the pic is here.

  24. I have a stupid question. I don’t see a spot to subscribe or send a friend request. I want to get your site updates etc automatically to my fb page. Am I just not seeing it, or should I add u to my bookmarks ? Sorry, I’m not terribly savvy, nut I am a rabid animal lover

  25. I’m so happy to find another good web site devoted to dog lovers!!! Thank you. Can I sign up for e-mail notices?

  26. Thought I’d share Chippy the motorcycling Chihuahua with you she’s been on the bike with me about five years and loves a ride, you can find her videos at
    YOUTUBE ..DJRCMACH….Playlist called CHIPPY I would have done more but there’s so much to do riding a motorcycle you can’t always filmthe four-legged pillion , so enjoy and thanks for sharing your site with us πŸ™‚

  27. One picture of Cinnamon relaxing,very docile.Please let me know when my Cinnamon is posted on your site.I appreciate it.One picture of Cinnamon dressed like Santa Claus. Others will get a chuckle about her.

  28. Hi, I’m trying to upload a photo but I don’t see any dialogue to browse for the file. I see a rounded rectangle box (blank) and then under it a button that says “upload”. If I click in the rectangle, nothing happens. If I click upload, it says I need to choose a file. Tried in newest versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer.

  29. i have 2 service dogs who save my life every day. i always adopt rescues and then train to do the job. they are amazing animals!

    1. Thanks fro rescuing. I run a small rescue it is good to hear that people out there want to rescue instead of buying from breeders. Give those two hugs they deserve love and care for helping you.

  30. Just submitted a picture of my little girl, Sammy the Vizsla… how would we know if it was going to be used anywhere?

  31. Hi,
    I was wondering when the picture of my doggy friend Benzy will be uploaded on your FB Page….would like to share it to the world.

  32. I was attempting to submit a photo to your Facebook page, but I think I accidentally posted it on your wall instead. Tried to delete it in case it needed approval, but it wouldn’t let me. **help the computer illiterate**

  33. I uploaded a picture of my daughter’s dog Fidget with a story. I got a message that the picture was accepted but I don’t know if the story went also. Will I be notified that you received the story?

  34. Hei.
    I’m lost here. I did send you a pic of my three dog’s mabye 2 month ago ? But still can’t find it anywhere. Why is that ? :/

  35. just uploaded a pic of my chorkie bella with my african grey alfie, I think its funny hope you do too, love your site Lea x

  36. It is my great pleasure to visit your website and to enjoy your excellent post here. I like that a lot. I know that you put much attention for these articles, as all of them make sense and are very useful

  37. Hi,
    Just uploaded a photo of my 2 beautiful German Shepherd puppies (Willow and Star).
    Hope you like it enough to post in this website.
    Thank you.

  38. I just sent in a picture of our family pet Cui (pronounced chewy). She’s a little wild boar hair hotdog. Sweetest nature & smart little pup.

  39. Just in case they miss my message I’ll go ahead and post my video here.

    I made one for my friend who was out traveling the world and really missed her dog Max. She asked me to send her a video of him so I put one together and it turned out way better than I expected. I hope you like it!

  40. Thank you a great deal for sharing this with all individuals you really know what you are speaking about! Bookmarked. Please also visit my web site =). We will have a link exchange contract among us!

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