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After more than a year of yapping incessantly about our pack, Life With Dogs is ready to stop barking and start listening. Now we want to hear about your dogs.

Why? For so many reasons. First and foremost, many of you have noticed by now that it was necessary to apply filters to our fan page wall thanks to an abundance of spam. While this assures our fans that they need not view boner pill ads or some such garbage, it removes an essential element from the community that we have built together – by preventing you from sharing with the rest of us.

That aside, let me state the obvious: so very many of you have exceptional dogs with interesting stories to tell. What sets us apart is my investment in building this platform to shout about our family dogs, but  it was done with a constant eye on sharing and community, and now that there are enough of us to provide a constant supply, I would like to make a regular practice of telling as many of your stories and sharing as many interesting experiences as I can make time and room for.

With that in mind we’re adding a new page that will make it easy for you to upload videos and pictures to Life With Dogs. It’s very simple and secure. Most common video and picture formats are supported, but please note that the file size limitation is 10mb. The submission form is included here in case you want to try it out, but it will always be available on the Your Dog Here page as well.

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Let us know if you have questions or suggestions for additional fields. This was created with ease of use in mind, but can be expanded to accommodate almost anything.

2011 is just getting started and we have so much ground to cover. Help us get off to a great start with you and tell us about your life with dogs. We’re all ears.

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