Hawk Drops Puppy From the Sky

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A California family is caring for a miraculous survivor after a hawk dropped a puppy in their back yard. Los Banos resident Elaine Bouschard and her grandson, Taylor Callaway, say they were shocked when they saw a dog fall from the sky.

Now the family has decided to adopt the puppy. Callaway said she plans to add him to her menagerie of pets: cats, dogs, horses – and ironically, a couple of hawks.

“My thought is that when god drops a puppy from the sky, you keep it,” said Bouschard. “I actually think God just dropped me a baby to have for Mother’s day, so this is my baby for Mothers Day!”

The family estimates that the puppy is about three weeks old: he opened his eyes for the first time yesterday.

115 thoughts on “Hawk Drops Puppy From the Sky”

    • Hey Christine:

      I’m thinking that family isn’t about to look for the owner of the pup. Sad. They can use God all they want about justifying not looking for the rightful owners.

      I’ve been waiting for someone to turn my dog in since xmas eve 12/24/11.

      • Are you talking about your pup or the puppy that fell out of the sky? Please, do use common sense. How can you look for the owner or mother of the puppy if it fell from the sky? The hawk could have flown from anywhere.

    • Yeah, generally puppies don’t open their eyes until between two and three weeks old I think. He is one very lucky pup! After all, he could have ended up as dinner.


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