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He Thought She Was Just Digging Through The Trash….

by Amy Drew

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image 8
The dog digging in the trash turned out to be a hero, not a scavenger! Photo: Marco Antonio Rodrigues/Facebook


It’s not uncommon in Novo Horizonte, Brazil, and so, reported The Dodo, at first, the police officer paid little mind as he saw a neighbor’s dog rummaging through a pile of garbage bags out on the street awaiting collection. But later, when he returned home, the dog was still there — this time with something in her mouth. He moved closer to get a better look.

At first, Diario da Regiao reported, he thought the dog had found a dead kitten, but it turned out the pooch had actually rescued a live puppy that someone had left in the trash to die.

image 7
She started whining when the puppy was taken, so she was allowed to watch over him as the officer contacted a local animal rescuer. Photo: Marco Antonio Rodrigues/Facebook


Marco Antonio Rodrigues was touched. He took the puppy so he could help, too, but the sweet dog got stressed and began to whine. So while Rodrigues sought help from a local animal rescuer, he allowed her to watch over the tiny pup.

“She played the most important role by saving the puppy,” Rodrigues wrote online about the heroic dog.

And soon, another heroine would step into an important role in the rescue.

image 9
A nursing momma was found. She didn’t seem to mind “adopting” the puppy. Photo: Marco Antonio Rodrigues/Facebook


Since the dog who had found the puppy wasn’t lactating, Rodrigues made an appeal on Facebook asking if anyone had a dog who was already nursing. And so the pup no one wanted found a foster mom!

While it’s possible that the person responsible for cruelly abandoning the puppy will never be brought to justice, there’s little doubt about whose love it was that saved his life.

“One dog found the puppy in the trash and another is being his mom,” Rodrigues wrote. “What a beautiful thing!”