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Wisconsin Couple Saves Senior Dog From Frozen Fate

by Amy Drew

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Sweet senior dog Walter is in safe hands after an icy-cold near death experience. And he owes his life to a couple of dog lovers who spotted his struggle in a frosty Wisconsin lake.

On Sunday, Karlie Hennen and Stefan Giersdorf spotted the dog struggling as they drove through Memorial Park on a road that’s less traveled this time of year.

“I freaked out, threw the car in park. I don’t even know if we got it to a full stop,” Giersdorf told News8000.

Hennen called for help as Giersdorf ran up to the dog with a leash.

“He really looked pain(ed), huffing and puffing,” Giersdorf said.

When the dog began to give up, Giersdorf said he started cheering for him. With a little encouragement, the dog was able to climb out on his own.

“I was going to have to jump in after this dog if he gave up and quit swimming,” Giersdorf said.

Animal control staffers have since been treating Walter like a prince — which is just how he behaves — but they’ve been unable to find his owners. Walter is set to be neutered, then adopted!

Contact the Monroe County Animal Shelter if you’re interested! 608-269-8775