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Hector Is a Senior Dog Who Really Should Be in a House, and not Stuck in the Shelter Waiting

by Fred

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6.14.17 Hector1


This is our new buddy, Hector.  Hector is a great guy, and his rescuers at the Fulton County Animal Services shelter just think the world of him.  He’s a senior dog, and for right now he’s hanging out at the Fulton County Animal Services Shelter in Atlanta, Georgia.  We think that he really should be in a home with people who love him.

According to his rescuers, Hector is 100% a ham.  He really seems to love to bring a smile to his human’s faces, and often rolls over onto his back and demands belly rubs.  He’s still very active and loves to play, albeit a little bit slower than he used to back in the day.  Regardless, you can never go wrong with just hanging out, outside, and playing a slow game of fetch.

Hector’s body shows signs of him being more of an outdoor dog than an indoor one.  He’s housebroken and knows how to ask to be let out to do his business.  Also, Hector seems to want to be outside more than in, but absolutely wants to always be with his people whenever he can.

Hector is a big dog, so he’ll need plenty of space for him to move about.  He does well with other dogs, and even does ok with children, too.  No word was given on how well or not he deals with cats or other small pets in the house.  If you would like to see Hector’s bio page, click here.  To see the Fulton County Animal Services Shelter’s main page, click here.  To see their Facebook page, click here.