Firemen Rescue Dog, Dog Bites Reporter

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A news helicopter captured footage of a firefighter rescuing a dog after it fell through thin ice at the Kendrick Reservoir in Lakewood Colorado yesterday afternoon.

West Metro Fire Rescue said the dog ran across the mostly frozen lake after spotting a coyote, according to the dog’s owner, who has not been identified.

As the dog began to tire after treading water in a pool of open water surrounded by ice and snow, a SKY9 helicopter flew overhead and captured video footage of the rescue. Tethered by a rope, a diver from West Metro Fire made his way to the exhausted dog and helped it to regain footing. Firefighters returned the lucky dog to its owner shortly thereafter.

Unfortunately, the story does not end there. Max and his owner were interviewed on live television by 9News this morning. Anchor Kyle Dyer was bitten on the face by Max while bending over and petting him during the interview. The dog is being held under quarantine.

9News reports: “Doug Kelley, the director of Denver Animal Care and Control, says Max’s owner will be cited for three things: because the dog bit someone, for a leash-law violation because the owner did not have control of the dog at all times, and for not having Max vaccinated for rabies.”

See two new videos below. The bite footage does not show any blood or wounds, but is troubling nonetheless.

Video update.

Update: Bite Video

8 thoughts on “Firemen Rescue Dog, Dog Bites Reporter”

  1. 1st of all this dog does not know this woman. 2nd, it had recently been rescued from a stressful situation, then it is placed into another stressful situation where the are lots of lights and many strange individuals all around it. The reporter should have known better than to stick her face into the animals. While i understand she probably wanted to kiss it, she does not know that animal and is sure as heck does not know her. And then to charge this guy with a leash violation? He is sitting on the set, with his hand on the animals collar to restrain it. That is not going to save the woman when she sticks her face in the dogs! Now, if he did not get the dog a rabies shot, then he should be cited, but to put that dog down because the reporter was foolish enough to sticker her face there? that is wrong.

  2. Why would anyone stick their face in the face of a dog that they do not know? She is an adult and she should have known better. I think the owner was wrong for not having the dog’s vaccinations up to date but the dog was on a leash. I hope that the woman recovers and that she has learned a lesson on how to handle meeting a dog.


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