Help a Rescued Afghan Dog Reach His Soldier

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A rescued Afghan dog brought to the United States needs help for his final trip: home to his “adopted” soldier.

A request from Pets for Patriots: A volunteer pilot with Pilots N Paws contacted us at the suggestion of one of our valued partners, the Michigan Humane Society. We get all kinds of requests for help at Pets for Patriots. Some can be dispatched by simply providing information and resources. Others, like this one, require the help of our friends.

Last fall, an Army soldier rescued a dog he befriended in Afghanistan. Trigger, the dog pictured here, is currently in New York after having completed his quarantine period. He’s ready to be reunited with his soldier, who has finally returned home to Washington state.

Pilots N Paws is flying Trigger to his adopted veteran, but has a few legs of the trip for which they have no transport. One of the pilots, a lovely man named Darin, had been in Afghanistan when this story unfolded and it’s near to his heart. He contacted our executive director to see if and how we can help. Although we don’t get involved in pet transport, we offered to get out the word because we know we have the most wonderful, engaged and generous fans!

Anyone who can fly or drive the following trip legs is encouraged to contact Meredith at Guardians of Rescue, the organization orchestrating Trigger’s adoption.

Because the soldier has a small window of opportunity to attend to various personal matters, Pilots N Paws is aiming for the entire trip to occur within the first two weeks of March. If you can help – please contact Meredith directly (contact information below). If you cannot help directly, please share this story widely in the hopes that one of your contacts – or their contacts – can. Let’s get this soldier and his honorably adopted dog together!

If you are able to fly, drive or even provide transport by a commercial airline, these are the legs of the trip that remain open:

  • Riverhead NY (KFOK) > State College PA (KUNV): 238nm (nm = nautical miles)
  • State College PA (IUNV) > Mansfield, OH (KMFD): 213 nm
  • Pierre SD (KPIR) > Miles City MT (KMLS): 267 nm
  • Miles City MT (KMLS) > Helena MT (KHLN): 253 n

Please DO NOT contact us; we are merely trying to get out the word to help reunite a soldier with his dog. Meredith can be reached by email at meredith [at] guardiansofrescue [dot] org and by phone at 248-941-9186.

photo ©Guardians of Rescue

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  1. I can’t open the entire article on my not-so-smart-phone…BUT I am taking a road trip from chicago to port clinton, ohio..returning to chicago this sunday & have tons of space in our me via FB message..won’t get home from work until 7p.

  2. As a person who has coordinated/done a reunion across the US, I would kindly suggest to others, PLEASE do NOT contact the coordinator (Meredith) with non-productive suggestions or “ideas” as I’m sure her email/voicemail box is jammed. Only contact her if you can actually help with the “legs” that are listed IN THE ARTICLE. Her time and focus are very crucial right now.

    Per the article, Meredith can be reached directly at;
    By email at [email protected] and by phone at (248) 941-9186.

  3. PS: Life With Dogs is not coordinating this effort, so without reading/understanding the details in the article, most of you who are throwing out ideas onto the comments thread are basically just “talking out loud.” I’m not trying to be rude, but please read the article if you really intend to be helpful.

    Thank you to Life With Dogs for posting the article <3


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