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Help Fight Injustice and Get Max Freed

by Fred

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1.30.16 - Free Max


Max has been “unjustly imprisoned,” despite a major lack of evidence against him.  He is accused of nipping a little girl when he got loose, and there’s no hospital record, no bite marks – nothing.  Now he’s being held and could possibly face being put down unjustly without your help.  Please, if you can, consider donating to this very worthy cause.


This comes from the fundraiser page:

Max was accused of being a dangerous dog, for allegedly nipping a girl when he was loose. There was no evidence of a bite, no photos, no hospital records, and no testimony from anyone who witnessed Max biting anyone. The only evidence was of tiny scratches from where Max jumped up at the girl. The testimony was strictly heresy based by a dog warden who has a history of making good money based off of seizing and keeping dogs… and who doesn’t like Max and his family. A dog warden who likes to abuse his power for his own satisfaction.”

Max was going to be KILLED by the Town of Little Valley until last minute legal intervention. This case is now being appealed. Max will be released to Against All Oddz Animals Alliance Inc. with foster lined up but not until the impound fees have been paid.
The owner’s granddaughter cries for him EVERYDAY, she’s only 4 and has been around him since birth. He’s a wonderful and loving dog… And he is Pit Bull and Blue Heeler. He’s been locked up for about 3.5 months now and the owners are not allowed visitations at all because he was considered a “dangerous dog.” He has 5 week old puppies he has not even met and probably won’t get to meet. The owners just want him back home safe and sound.”

Please donate so we can raise the money for Max to be freed and back home where he belongs and not in the hands of an abuse of power dog warden who gets his kicks out of locking up dogs and racking up endless impound fees making it impossible for the families to pay. In the end the dog will suffer!!!

If you would like to help, or for more information, please click here.