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Help Needed for Dog Requiring Special Surgery

by Fred

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If you can, please consider donating.   The surgery the Meli, Hawaiian for honey, has to be performed with an extreme degree of precision, and has permanent life effecting ramifications.

3.25.15 - Melis fundraiser


“Meli’s name means honey in Hawaiian and she really is as sweet as honey.” 10 month old Hawaii pup Meli Girl escaped from her harness and tethering and jumped from a moving truck, resulting in a terrible butterfly femur fracture. Meli is such a young girl and the expertise with which her surgery is performed will impact her for years to come. There is not an abundance of board certified veterinary orthopedic specialists in Hawaii, but we found a great one for Meli and we need to raise the funds for her urgently needed surgery. Her family, devastated and heartbroken, has been able to qualify for only $500 of Care Credit and that will barely cover the initial xrays and pain control that Meli received at the emergency facility. With a baby on the way and no way to raise more money for Meli, we are her only hope. Time is of the essence, not only for the success of the surgery but to help the sweet baby be relieved of her pain. PLEASE help Meli receive her surgery with any donation possible at Please type Meli in the Referred By box (if using our secure Acceptiva major credit cards/echeck page) or in the Note/Message to Seller Box (PayPal). Depending on the payment method, Paypal also asks the pet’s name on the donation review page after you enter all your info. The address for mailed donations is also at the link. Thank you so much for helping Meli! For The Love Of Alex Inc is an all volunteer, 501c3 organization, helping pets in urgent need of veterinary care and the families who love them. Note: Some cell phones prefer this donation link:

We asked Meli’s mom to tell us about her: “We had wanted to adopt a dog for a long time. We came across some puppies needing homes and instantly fell in love with the small sleepy puppy who was trying unsuccessfully to sleep at the time next to some very loud chickens. She is a pitbull and Airedale Terrier mix. She was shy at first, but opened up in no time with her fearless personality. She steals the hearts of all who meet her with her sassy attitude, fun spirit, and her loving and cuddly nature.

She loves playing with other dogs and has no fear when it comes to tackling her 130 pound Labrador boyfriend named Harley.

She is a beach lover, extremely amazing hiker, and chews up every toy we have gotten her, (except a kong).

Meli’s name means honey in Hawaiian and she really is as sweet as honey. She’s been a part of our family for 7 months so far and she is the sunshine of our day! She is 10 months old.

But yesterday our beautiful Meli Girl, (Honey in Hawaiian) jumped out of a truck bed and broke her leg in 3 places. It’s illegal to have her in the front of the truck here, and we had her on a short leash strapped into a harness and tethered. She somehow slipped out of the harness and we heard a yelp, ran to her and she was crying on the side of the road in a lot of pain and suffering with her leg hanging.

I heard from a family member that you guys help save pets with families in hard financial times. Meli needs orthopedic surgery which is going to cost several thousand dollars plus the cost of the X-rays and pain medication she already received. We applied for care credit and were only approved for $500. We just have no way to come up with this money and are expecting our first baby due in July. I’m sure you understand the unbelievable pain of watching your baby suffer and not being able to help; it’s unimaginable. But it’s happening. So when my family told us about Alex’s Angels it seemed heaven sent. Any help for Meli would be so appreciated. Thank you for even considering her.”