Help Needed for Washington Dog Trapped in Basement for Months

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It’s been one of those weeks. There is another pending abandoned dog case that could use a little public outcry in order to convince local officials to step in. According to neighbors, a Shoreline, Washington woman left this dog behind two months ago. Conditions in the house are said to be atrocious. Animal control says they are staying on the case, yet they refuse to remove the dog, saying that it would amount to trespassing were they to seize it. A neighbor expresses dismay and concern in the following interview with King5 news. “It is just unbelievable the stench the poor dog lives in,” says Gerry Harris. Harris also says her neighbor hasn’t been home for almost two months, with Lucky locked in the basement the entire time. “There’s moldy feces all over the floor in there and he urinates in there, has no place to sleep,” says Harris.

I just got off the phone with King5 News, and the only update they have is that they have made calls to animal control and are waiting for a call back. I am not able to reach anyone myself despite numerous attempts. Note that many recent abandonment cases have gone unaddressed by local officials until public pressure has been applied. With that in mind, for the sake of this dog, please share. Lucky is counting on all of us.

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46 thoughts on “Help Needed for Washington Dog Trapped in Basement for Months”

  1. Is there a street address that this house has, so when I talk to local auth. I have an address where to find this animal?

  2. this is bullshit if a person was left abandoned in this shit- someone would automatically get them help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. All they have to do is go in and take the dog out of there i have seen it done a million times that dogs life is in truble they can do it. if they dont get him out then they are putting his life in truble and they can get in truble for that.. what are they scared of???? they have the power to do that. COME ON PEOPLE WAKE UP HERE AND DO YOUR JOB… HOLD ON LUCKY YOU WILL BE OK

  4. Pathetic—- like someone will know if the door is broken and the dog is gone. Why would anyone be OK with this cruelty?


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