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Honey is an adorable pit bull in the process of being certified as an emotional support dog for a four-year-old boy with a sensory processing disorder.  She’s always been a very good girl, never needing a leash to run to the car for a ride, but one day someone was riding a bike past her, and the part of her dog brain that commands her to attack bike and car wheels got the better of her.  She nipped the ankle of the rider, who is fighting to have her put to sleep.  But Honey’s family is fighting tooth and nail to keep her alive, and need your help.


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This comes from her Facebook page:

For those who are wondering what is going on, here’s the story. I have hesitated to post this, obviously because I own two pit bulls and the last thing I wanted was for someone to have a hay day with my dog’s misfortune. On July 25th, Katy was going to grab some breakfast and decided to take Honey with her. Honey always goes straight to car, excited about going for a ride. Because of this, we have never leashed her when going for a ride in the car. Neither Katy nor I checked the street before opening the gate. When we opened the gate, Honey saw someone riding a bicycle that we did not see.

Yes, like any dog, she ran for the bike. Yes, she did bite the lady riding the bike. She got the lady on her ankle and as soon as I called her back to me, she came back. The bite was not serious and I could’ve done worse scraping up against a nail in the shop. Unfortunately, this lady called her husband to come pick her up and when he discovered Honey was a pit bull, the entire world ended. He did call animal services and Honey had to spend 10 days in quarantine.


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Unfortunately, this is not the end. The couple went to the city and filed a dangerous dog affidavit. Our hearing was on September 1st and despite all the evidence we had proving Honey was not dangerous, she was still deemed dangerous due to the fact that she attacked unprovoked. We are in the process of appealing this decision but this is just the beginning of a very long process.

We ask for all the prayers and support you can give. Thank you to those who have already helped and are continuing to help. Your help has been greatly appreciated and we cannot thank you enough. Those of you who know my dog know that the two years prior to us having her were more than likely filled with abuse. Since she has been with us, she has shown us nothing but love.


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Knowing the bad name and discrimination that pit bulls receive, we have always taken great care in socializing our dogs, providing a secure backyard for our dogs, and providing a safe neighborhood for those around us. This truly was an isolated incident for Honey. Honey has passed both beginner and intermediate training, in the presence of other dogs and people.  Continued prayers and support are greatly appreciated.

There is currently a fundraiser being held to help with legal expenses to give Honey the best chance of staying alive.  If you would like to donate, please click here.

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  1. All bicyclists should be shot. They are self centered road hog antagonists. At least around here they are. No consideration for anyone or anything. This woman obviously does not like dogs and probably not anything else. If her and her husband got their heads out of their butts and tried to communicate with the world, maybe they would see that dogs have a natural instinct to CHASE! My dog is a standard poodle and she LOVES to chase and be chased. And yes she does play rough and my boyfriend is always having me repair his shirts. Shame on this woman for trying to destroy a family pet. She was not injured any worse than falling off her stupid bike which would be a much better thing I believe…she’d be in pain for real.

  2. All this happened because the dog is Pit Bull. My friend is a veterinarian and she once said ” I never been beaten by Pit Bull , all bites I get from small dogs and be surprise from Golden Retrievers and other people believe “most friendly” family dogs. This dog should stay with family and the owners have to use leash .

  3. The woman’s husband has a brain as large as his family jewels to try to put a dog down over this. If the bite was serious then perhaps some retraining in the area of non-aggression for Honey but to put her down…please….this man sounds a little loopy to me. He needs to grow a pair and. stop trying to act like a bad ass concerned citizen.

  4. it only takes one time of negligence for this to happen, and it just did! Which proves a point for dog owners your dog is unpredictable, so don’t give us the, “my dog would never bite, etc” this could have happened with any breed, but pit bulls are strong and incredibly prey driven and can do the most damage if in a fight. Yes, this is the owners mistake, and pitbulls have suffered because of owners mistakes. But we can not allow dogs to run around biting people, so think, twice about the breed of dog you get!!! If you are an easy going laid back person who doesn’t want to be constantly training, a golden is perfect, if you get a pit bull you better be the ALPHA pack member and act like the leader all the time, if you don’t, then do the public a favor, don’t get one!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This is absolutely the owners fault for NOT paying attention to EVERYTHING around her, since they knew the dog would bite. I know that when you love an animal it is hard to see that, for the safety of others, it is imperative that you not live in town, or the dog has to be put down.
    My daughter had a dog that hated motorcycle cops. They pulled people over frequently in front of her house, because there was a flashing school crossing sign 70 feet from her house, One day, Sadie jumped the fence AGAIN, ran to the road & knocked the cop off his motorcycle. I ran out & said “go ahead shoot her, you know you want to”. He just laughed & said it was no big deal. two days later a court appearance was scheduled after this officer claimed this dog was vicious. She went int quarantine. since all was okay, she came home. The next day she jumped the fence & did it again. We were given the choice to put her down, or THEY would do it. We failed to keep that precious baby, whose best buddy was a cat, contained. THAT’S LIFE.

  6. You guys should go on and start a petition. You will be able to
    reach a lot of people this way. Your petition will be emailed to all the people
    that stand up for dogs and other animal causes.


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