Help Shelter Dogs Sleep Better

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Animal lovers enjoy snuggling in bed with their dogs. Chances are that if you have a dog you probably have more than one dog bed around the house. Yet, there are many pets that don’t have a warm place to sleep on. This is the case of shelter animals. With the over populations that most shelters struggle on daily base, many of the animals kept in these facilities end up sleeping on cold cement floors or crates, but we can all do something to change this.

Photo Credit: Kuranda Dog Beds
Photo Credit: Kuranda Dog Beds

A national campaign is underway making it possible for all shelter animals to have a bed. You can donate a warm, comfortable bed to the shelter of your choice through Kuranda Dog Beds, and your actions can help a shelter animal sleep better instead of on hard, cement shelter floors.

Beds purchased through this campaign are made of PVC pipe frames and a taut piece of cloth where the animals can recline, well above the ground.

In Bay County, Fla., 22 beds have been donated to Bay County Animal Control.

“We already had approximately 30 of these beds, [but] some of those need to be replaced,” county general services director Jamie Jones told News Herald.

To donate a bed, visit Kuranda Dog Beds online, select the desired state, browse through the listed shelters and proceed to purchase a bed. Your donated bed will be mailed directly to the selected shelter.

The world would be a better place if all animals had a loving home and a cozy bed to sleep on, but for now we can start by helping shelter animals sleep better. No animal should have to sleep on concrete.


4 thoughts on “Help Shelter Dogs Sleep Better”

  1. unfortunately, dogs in shelters sleep on concrete for an excellent reason – they don’t have the facilities or the volunteers to do the ton of laundry that having any kind of bedding in the kennel would require. The dogs don’t get walked, they are never let out and must eliminate in the kennels, thus the washable concrete. While I agree this is terrible, the BETTER solution would be to network and get the dogs out of there as quickly as possible!


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