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Help Us DEMAND That the USDA Restore Its Puppy Mill Inspection Database!

by Fred

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2.6.17 Puppy Mill USDA

Back on February 3rd, the USDA made a move that makes it more difficult for you to be able to tell if the puppy you at looking at in a pet shop is actually from a licensed dog and cat breeding facility.  Along with this action, the USDA also cut off public access to the inspection reports of those facilities, and now you will ONLY be able to get this information via an official request under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Companion Animal Protection Society has started a petition calling for reinstatement of the old rules.  Without this database and access to it freely, people will no longer be able to discover if there has been any reports of abuse or neglect at any breeding facility.

On February 3, 2017, the USDA barred the public from viewing its online database of licensed dog and cat breeding facilities. The USDA also terminated public access to the inspection reports of those facilities. We are demanding that the USDA reverse these decisions.

Without a database, the public cannot easily discover if a dog or cat breeder has been abusing animals at their facility. This allows unscrupulous breeders and pet shops to deceive consumers and keep harming animals, outside of public scrutiny.

Many cities and states regulate or ban the sale of puppy mill animals, but without timely access to the USDA’s information they cannot properly enforce their laws. Municipalities that wish to enact similar regulations also need USDA reports when determining if their local pet shops use puppy mill breeders who violate the Animal Welfare Act.

Here is the USDA’s official statement on their change of policy:

Please sign the petition today, demanding a return to transparency and an immediate reversal of this action.

This petition will be delivered to:

This is a matter that affects us all, and seriously endangers many innocent animals by covering up any abuse.  Please, sign the petition and let the US government know that this is NOT something we will stand for!  Please, click here for more information.